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Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse - Nightmare
Author: Stian B. Submitted: 29th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 192

Edited By Stian B. on 3/21/2008

Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse - Nightmare
Version 1.09

A game I started to make once in April 2003.And now,3 years later, its finally finished !
Its taken too long time,but im happy to have it done.
Its a kind of exspansion to the first HC RC,but you dont need the orginal to play it.

This game is hard !
If you thought the first one was hard,this one is nightmare!
So,if you dont have nerves to play games you have to practise alot,this one isnt for you.
But,there is saving now,and most of you might play in "Coward" mode.

Go here to download the first HC RC:

You can find alot of different weapons,health and sureprises in a hidden chest in EACH level.
Its strogly recommended to search for the chest to get a new weapon or more life.
Cause the dagger you start with,will make it difficult for you.

This version includes:
* 2 worlds (18 levels)
* 4 bosses
* 13 different weapons
* 1 secret weapon (No Mercy! mode only)
* Can carry 2 eapons (3 if you got blue armour or better)
* 30 different monsters !
* Randomly coming monster in 7 different shapes (Clayhell)
* Saving,continue and password system
* Highscore
* Secret chest in each level with a sureprise inside...

A good advice,read the HTM file included with this game.
And there are some good tips for helping you to play the game more easy.

Good summer !

Stian B.

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 29th July, 2006

Wow! Another one? Downloading...
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 29th July, 2006

i like the graphic style- very unusual but very neat
good game
Posted by Ski 29th July, 2006

The style scares me, its like this guy got photoshop and got dangerous
Posted by Midnight 29th July, 2006

This game is incredible!!!
It is difficult but so much fun. Once you know which weapons are good and how to take advantage of the enemies, it becomes so much easier. This game is worth it just for the final boss!!!
by the way, this is Aaron from the credits menu
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 29th July, 2006

Posted by Killerjedi 30th July, 2006

My god, you made it harder? The first game was, undoubtedly, the most difficult game I have ever played that was still doable. This is just... this is monstrous.
Posted by alperoz49 30th July, 2006

LOL i said myself i know this title from somewhere.3 years before it rocked lets see what has changed (if i can remember)
Posted by Stian B. 30th July, 2006

Its harder than the first one,because its not so big.There are a "Coward" mode (easy mode).
And password,continues and save system that makes it a bit easier too,I guess.
Posted by joeythefag 30th July, 2006

This is definitely a really well made game. Obviously a lot of effort was put into it. Personally though, I don't like these types of games, but its well made, so thumbs up!
Posted by Flava 30th July, 2006

I can't even do it on coward mode
Posted by Hill Gigas 30th July, 2006

NOOOO!!!! Not again! Thumbs up from me, because its a great game. But the Hell Reaper already had his way with me once, I won't give him the pleasure again!
Posted by Ski 30th July, 2006

lol Actually this was pretty entertaining. Some of the creatures were interesting, like the things coming out of the ground. One thing I would change is the title screen but thats just my opinion. Who did the voice acting? lol ¬_¬'
Posted by Alan D James 30th July, 2006

This games is butt ass hard, it takes loads of shots just to kill something, which make getting into the game a drag. Other than that it's a nice game, looks cool and loads of blood. Also the shooting I would not make it directional, it's not needed, just keep it directly in front of you all the time. Cool game.
Posted by Stian B. 30th July, 2006

Thanks guys!
Its a bit hard,so I tried to tweak it as best I can in the Coward mode.
Aftaid doing it too easy too
Flava: In Coward mode,you can see the chest,get a better weapon,it helps you alot.
Posted by MasterM 30th July, 2006

Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse is like the most submitted game to the dc
Posted by Midnight 31st July, 2006

To Steve, the one who reviewd trhe game for a 4/10:

You should NEVER leave a low review just to "balance" out the score for the game. I HAVE ACTUALLY BEATEN THE GAME SEVERAL TIMES AND SEEN EVERYTHING IT HAS TO OFFER. Why waste your time to leave a rather ill written review that didn't leave must constructive critisim, and definately no opinions on improving things you did not like? Stain worked hard on this game and you should give the game a REAL try- not just take a shot at my review. Good day.
Posted by Stian B. 31st July, 2006

Reviews are very individually,so thats ok,every one got theire own point of view.
But at least try to play a game more than 5 minutes,to put down a review.
And the character shoots the direction you looking,unless you press a cursor key.
Enemeies have sound thats indicates they get hurt,and blood spurts.

Posted by 31st July, 2006

no offense intended, but the trees look like brains =s
Posted by Lukas Hägg 1st August, 2006

Ok. I can't say I enjoyed this game, though the fact that you've been working on this for 3 years and got it finished is worth kudos if anything.

Before I get to my opinions on the game. IceTragedy, your review was not much better than Steves, because both of your reviews are onesided. If one reads both of your reviews you get what I'd call a decent review.

This game is hard, yes, but in the most wrong of ways. For example; the first boss his patterns are not exactly hard to figure out and is fairly easy, BUT, the absurd amount of HP he has makes him teadious which causes the player to get bored and slip up every now and then (eve if the player has found a 'better' weapon). And why was there another boss almsot directly after the first one?

If by 'practise' you mean being able to not grow tired of the tedious task of killing ANYTHING then yes this game would require some sort of practise.

And the chests, whoopie, if you play it on normal you have to rely on hearing to find the goddamned things. Sounds pretty neat in thought, but when actually playing, there's too much freakin noise and stuff coming at you (that WILL NOT DIE) which makes it so annoying to search for them that you're better of just running through every level without them. And if you play on Coward you can vaguely se them. How is people supposed to know that you have to hit the chests with your weapon, especially when you don't write it in the htm that came along with the game. You wrote "Press "spacebar" to take the item inside the chest."
It is true that you actually have to take the item once it pops out of the chest, but you didn't write that you have to get the thing open first. Reading your htm, people will automatically assume that pressing the spacebar opens the chest and gives you nice things.

And lastly, one thing I've seen in too many games too many times. Inconsistency. Why do I have to press space when I die to get to the continue screen? And since I use the keyboard for the mostpart of the game why do I have to choose 'yes' or 'no' with the mouse? Same thing with the start menu, I can choose menu options with the arrowkeys, but when I want to start a new game and choose a difficulty I have to use the mouse to choose and start the game. The general rule of this kind of thing is "If the player uses the keyboard most when playing the game, then he controls the menus the same way." Same thing goes for the mouse.

And why the hell do you even have a menu? All menu options, even the QUIT option, takes you to the same freaking screen.

Well, you're still better than that guy with a Scwarzenegger-fetisch. I'll give you that.
Posted by Roman-the-evil 1st August, 2006

Review'd. I accidently submited two reviews, an incomplete and complete one. Admin, please remove the 5/10 one. 8/10 is actual complete one.
Posted by ]Alpha[ 1st August, 2006

I agree with Lucas.

It's clear that you worked a lot on this game and the graphic (which strongly remind me to Ghost 'n goblins) is really good.

Lucas is right : The problem is that you tried to make a difficult game, but in the wrong way.
For example : In the first levels you meet those flying things that chase you until you die.
Well, they often fly at low heights, but you can't hit them because the character can't kneel and shot or shot at lower heights than when he stand up.

That doesn't make a game difficult, it makes the game frustrating.

I think (maybe I'm wrong) that you tried to make a game that would seem as much as possible like Ghost 'n goblins.
We all know how damned hard was it, but that was a great game, because it's much more tactics.
You don't have a single path to choose wich you have to slaughter everything you see.
Most time you can choose your way (even if are short paths) and you can avoid some fighting withouth reach the end of the level with no powers to beat the boss.

This game is not bad... it has only few points that (in my opinion) should be changed
Posted by Zethell 1st August, 2006

Very Photoshop looking Textures.. (I hate it, the graphics that is.)

Havn't tested the game yet, but i got eyes, soo i looked at the Screenies.

Even thou i almost puked due to the Graphics, the game itself.. looked, good enough to test, soo im gonna download it later on and give you a Thumb up depending on how good the gameplay is.
Posted by Zethell 1st August, 2006


Hard?.. No, not if it worked like it should.

You should fix so that you can sit and fire, soo that he fires straight, not down o_O

Tried the game at Hardcore, was pretty hard, but beatable.

Anyways.. Im not sure if i should put a thumbs up or a Thumbs down on this..

Give me a patch where i can sit and fire and i'll give you a thumbs up.
Posted by Stian B. 1st August, 2006

Lukas: Agree the "ping" sound could be louder,and the menu to choose difficulty\continue could be done by keyboard too.I`ll fix that.
About to open chest,its written in the options menu,basic help info,so thats already done.
Maybe not in HTM,I check!
Boss 1,should be easy,its so called "mini boss",and you got "Boss tips" too,to tell you the pattern.
His life is reduced,I even found out this one by my selfe
What you mean about menus?Quit take you to the same screen??

You can crounch and shoot forward,even its not that big difference like standing shooting.Improvements
Agree could been more different paths to choose,but that only happen if I ever meake a HC RC II game!

All graphics are handdrawn,and then shaped up pixel by pixel in MMF1.5.
To sit down and shoot,press down arrow + left or right.
Posted by ]Alpha[ 2nd August, 2006

Actually I just played the first Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse and I enjoyed it very much!

While I gave a thumb down to this game, I must give a thumb up for its prequel.
The first Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse is surely better than this and it's not an easy game.

It took me almost 2h to pass the mountain level and I hope there's a chest somewhere in the final level because I'm not going to fight the final boss with a dagger and I don't want to repeat the mountain level just to take a stronger weapon

Anyway... I must compliment to you for the graphic on both the games
Posted by Jason Orme 3rd August, 2006

Steve needs to lighten up.

You speak as if you sold one of your legs to play this game.

Posted by Zethell 3rd August, 2006

ohh.. Well then you get ure thumbs up :]
Posted by Shipuli 4th August, 2006

you should improve the graphics!
but. its still a good game! Thumbs up!
Posted by Stian B. 4th August, 2006

What graphics should been improved? I cant make so much better that this.Maybe more animations?
Posted by Saknarstaemband 8th August, 2006

I agree with shipuli. Graphics.
Posted by The Chris Street 12th August, 2006

Stop your bitching, everyone is entitled to an opinion.






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