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Super Bros 5
Author: Stian B. Submitted: 11th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 182

Edited By Stian B. on 3/21/2008

Wohoo,Super Bros 5 is entering the area !

Some of you might remember this old game.And now its updated and shaped up! Mostly graphics are updated,and little of the code too.
Otherwise it is the original game from 1995 made in KNP!

Kong Tolo has kidnapped the Princess once again!
And this time he is hiding in the sea somewhere.More prepared than ever to fight Super Bros!
Find his hidingplace,and stop him from holding
the Princess in prison.
Good luck !

* 11 levels including 2 bosses

Check out Super Bros 1,2,3 and 4 also!

Stian B.

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Posted by istvan 12th January, 2004

Posted by vortex2 12th January, 2004

argh are these getting worse!!. DONT USE LIB GFX IN A GAME!!!!!!!! Sorry, but this gets a thumbs down. Can you please try to put a bit more work into the layout of your future games, and If you dont draw all your own graphics it makes us think you are lazy or just don't care..... and the storyline needs some work, it looks like you stole it ethier from Mario, or from Romeo...... Please please please, next time you update one of these games if you just have to, please spend the time to update the gfx so they are not ripped.... Disapointing.
Posted by vortex2 12th January, 2004

Ok, I have just played this game or what I could of it, knowing it wasnt fair to judge this game before acually playing it, although as a habbit If it has lib gfx its probally not fun. First of all, when you first made these games, why did you decide to steal alot of elements from mario but not the jumping on enemies. That makes no sence. and if you update the games, why not add jumping on enemies..... Not being able to jump on enemies makes this game really hard. Also, after trying about 5 times in a row to get past the first level to my dismay it is a very hard task indeed. Starting off with an easy level must of not been an issue. The use of windows buttons in the main menu is stylish to say the least XD . The main menu is the first impression people have of your game and should try to capture your audence not turn them away. it is like the introduction to a story! you dont start off boring and then get to the good stuff at the end... you want to put them right in the middle of the action! when they push that play button they should begin an experence that is not only fun but fully sucks them into the world that is your game. Does this game do that? NO. The lack of features such as scrolling levels (from what I can tell.... new technology or what?) and the quick backdrop backgrounds make me truly belive I am playing a klick and play game. The combonation of lib gfx, your own gfx, quick backdrops, solid color platforms and diffrent perspectives (not even NEARLY the same perspective) makes my eyes hurt. But hey, I do normally play games for the story, so I press the about button. To my dismay although Its not like I didnt expect it, not even the story had effort put into it. What princess? what hiding place? where is somewhere? why play this game? I don't know! This game feels like a newbie game although you have so many other games under your name! (granted most of them are Super Bros games...) :(.
Posted by Stian B. 12th January, 2004

Oh oh,keep it down "fellows"! This game was on "storyboard" almost before you were born :) Its made in KNP,so thats why it look like it made in KNP(wow)And looks newbie,cause it made by once a newbie (wow again) Its only updated on the graphics and code,not to become a NEW GAME.Its totally different. And the ONLY ripped graphics from the KNP libs are the smiley clouds.Everything else is painted in KNP. Yes,never judge a game before palying it,thats a thing even a newbie should know ;)
Posted by AfterStar 12th January, 2004

Vortex wrote: "Can you please try to put a bit more work into the layout of your future games, and If you dont draw all your own graphics it makes us think you are lazy or just don't care....." -Have you played Hell Creatures&Rotten Corpse(By Stian B.)?Play it and TELL me IF you can find a SINGLE thing that is NOT drawn by HIM! >) And PLEASE before making a comment READ the Description: STIAN tells that the game is very old and made in K&P! ("...Otherwise it is the original game from 1995 made in KNP!") Btw Stian are you working on a something NEW? Maybe HC&RC II "The avenger" =) hehe!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th January, 2004

I really don't mind this game. I mean, come on, its a game from 95!!! And I agree with AfterStar...Hell Creatures Rotton Corpses is a GREAT GAME! None of the graphics are ripped. Again, this game was a 95 KnP game.
Posted by vortex2 12th January, 2004

Yes AfterStar, thoose are good games. And yes I did read that it was made in 1995 with KNP but really that became invalid when he said "updated and shaped up". If he had said "This is a very old game that is just posted here for a laugh" that would be diffrent. Also, if he updated it why did he not replace the cloud :P.
Posted by Dr. James MD 12th January, 2004

meh not a bad game. i dont blame u for using LIB GFX cuz i did the same with KNP, i was 7 at the time! such a small number
Posted by AndyUK 13th January, 2004

make some new games at least blokey you keep postig these old ones and they're not really that good at all i found them quite fun to play but they're SO old
Posted by laguna 13th January, 2004

This is most ridiculously difficult game EVER made. I swear, getting past the FIRST enemy takes a miracle from heaven. This is INSANE!!!!
Posted by The Chris Street 14th January, 2004

Stian, you shouldn't really go around making satirical retorts when someone says some negative comments about your game. I've played a couple of the Super Bros games, and disliked them because they're buggy, boring, and unfair.
Posted by Stian B. 14th January, 2004

Circy,you at least played a couple of Bros games,means you think it was interesting ;) Its an old game(once again)in the early KNP time.What you exspect? If you cant get through the first enemy,you probardly are the worst platform player ever. Super Bros games rocks!
Posted by deano151991 15th January, 2004

ok the game was not good actually sorry Stian B. it was terrible the graphics where shocking is that the first game you ever create because it looks like the first game you eva created!! 0123456789
Posted by laguna 15th January, 2004

The truth is sometimes painful. These games are awful. You can insult my platforming skills all you want, doesnt change the fact that this game is crap. Phizzy is right about the first enemy. Im counting the platform deaths as: death by the first enemy. Jumping over the devil head just makes you land on the other side and touch the platform, which OF COURSE kills you. Awful.
Posted by Stian B. 15th January, 2004

Come on,whats the big deal with the first enemy? He is moving fast in the same pathmovement all the time.When he is moving away,run towards him,jump over him when he is returning,then jump on the brown platform.Whats the problem?Just think! If this is a problem,no wonder you think its a bad game.And I think your skills are hopeless in platformer. Practise,and stAy tuned for the last Bros game from KNP time,Super Bros 6! :D
Posted by laguna 15th January, 2004

You know you're right, and everyone else is wrong. How could we be so STUPID? I mean, if YOU can do it easily then we just must be retarded. Anyone who can't get past that first enemy with their first life is a hopeless platformer, as Stian said. So come one, come all, and play the ultimate test to determine if you suck at video games. Stian has created the ultimate platformer that is super easy! He says so himself! (Stian, don't post part 6, I don't think these games are terribly popular. 20 downloads and 40% rank... yeah, this MUST be a great game!)
Posted by gonefornow 15th January, 2004

I guess I suck at platformers then too.
Posted by Stian B. 15th January, 2004

Haha,calm down,end of world is not yet. I knew Super Bros could be used for something,as testing platform skills! :D
Posted by laguna 15th January, 2004

All of these insults make me determined to at least complete a level of this game.
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 19th January, 2004

Yes, i agree with what all of u said.
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 19th January, 2004

n also all of u sux (just because u can't get past anything dosn't mean u have to hate STIAN)
Posted by Airflow 5th March, 2004

We hate Super Bros. Who says we hate Stian?
Posted by Jamesbuc 3rd October, 2004

No more of these PLEASE!





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