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Super Bros 7
Author: Stian B. Submitted: 16th July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 183

Edited By Stian B. on 30/03/2006

Edited By Stian B. on 02/03/2006

Super Bros 7 is here!
The last Super Bros game ever made,in a final big updated version!

Super Bros 7 was started on middle of 1999,and finish early 2000.
Half of the was game made into TGF,and the other half in MMF 1.2.
Now,in version 2.02,it is updated in MMF 1.5.
Biggest changes from the last version (2001) is the main character is new.And many small updates on graphics,code and so on.
Go here for the list :

Some graphics are from TGF,some backgrounds ripped,and some my own.Bosses are all original!
One of my last games I used ripped graphics.

This time Kong Tolo hide far away with the kidnapped Princess.
With greater power,many more evil minions,bigger castle,he sure no one will stop him this final time... !

* 8 worlds (43 singel frame levels)
* 8 huge bosses
* 8 secret levels
* 8 fireball upgrades
* 800x600 original resolution
* Highscores

Look down to the left at main menu.
And you can see a dark blue dot,double click with right mouse button = mini game

Stian B.

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Posted by Silveraura 16th July, 2005

You know by now, some people would have improved on game design, but I'm not seeing that here. The serious is nothing but ripped graphics with default movement. Please work on something different & stop with this series, & I know I'm not the first person to tell you this.
Posted by Hagar 16th July, 2005

Argggh ripped burns!
Posted by Zombie New Human 16th July, 2005

What ever happened to the rendered/bump-mapped looking Super Bros 8?
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 16th July, 2005

part 7 already, and still the game is as crappy as it whas in 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Its still just about jumping over enemies over and over and over... -.-'
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 16th July, 2005

aaaag! Ik hope Kong Tolo will be defeated once and for all now!
Posted by Silveraura 16th July, 2005

And people thought Diamond: Revolution was starting to get old, this game is the exact same thing, & its on a part 7, Diamond wasnt & it only reached 5.
Posted by Ski 16th July, 2005

Im scared. The firing of the library-graphic fire-bolt? whats that about?
Posted by Phredreeke 17th July, 2005

People, go play some mario games. This is definitively not ripped graphics. Library, yes, but not ripped. Of course... I only looked on the screenshots... :P And yeah, Brandon, takes one to know one. *has only released scurvy sanchez and crapware titles since last october*
Posted by Joshua M. 17th July, 2005

What the?! You created a 7th game of this!? Dude! Stop being such a n00b and work on a decent title! By the way, people, there are no ripped graphics as far as I can see.
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 17th July, 2005

I acually downloaded it cuz I though ''hmmm maybe he has improved it by now'' but its still likte the others!?! o.O
Posted by Stian B. 17th July, 2005

Hey,its improved compared to the 6 others.But there is still no scrolling,and it use of the built-in platform movement.It was a BIG wish to make it scrolling back in 1999,and better engine.But it didnt work well with the built in movement,and my knowledge on custom engine was very poor :( The game is just "polished",dont wanna spend too much time on this old game. Ha,sureprised some know about the "3D rendered" Super Bros 8 (with scrolling and custom movement :) ) It was cancelled after 1 level,too much work,bored and the world not ready for it :)
Posted by The Chris Street 17th July, 2005

I remember playing this back in 2001. It stank then and it stinks now XD You should perhaps try something a little new, but as I'm obsessed with making platformers perhaps I'm not the right person to tell you that :)
Posted by Joshua M. 17th July, 2005

Heh, sorry I guess I was a little harsh before. Maybe you should download some tutorials or something. At least something about custom platform engines. Also, try to use scrolling in your games. It's not that hard. And like Circy said, maybe you should try something new! You never know! :P
Posted by AndyUK 17th July, 2005

I liked no.1 when i was a noob and it is still okish today despite it's obvious flaws but honestly 7 is way too much.
Posted by Stian B. 17th July, 2005

Its an "old" game,and back in 1999,in beginning, I did not have internet for tutorials and so on. Its not a new game,if so it would had all the good stuff.Just an updated old game.
Posted by Imadjinn 17th July, 2005

lmao, I actually like the series of games, but mainly because it reminds me of Sonic Robo Blast and that you can't hate on the enemies.
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 17th July, 2005

Hell Creatures Rotten Corpse is much better.
Posted by Hill Gigas 17th July, 2005

Stian, Im a huge fan of yours thanks to the Hell Creatures games, but I don't know how many more of these Super Bros games I can take. :P
Posted by Phredreeke 18th July, 2005

someone should submit Sonic Robo Blast to TDC... imagine people's reactions XD the good thing is, it's long, the bad thing is... everything else???
Posted by AndyUK 18th July, 2005

I played super bros 7 years ago and didn't like it much. I know it's not a new game.
Posted by Silveraura 18th July, 2005

Super Bros is the same thing over & over again, its absolutly nothing new from 1 to 7, so the point in having a series is 0.
Posted by Stian B. 18th July, 2005

The point was it was great fun to make my own games back these days.And,yab,Super Mario Bros was one of my favourite games,and how fun to make my own "mario" games ! Wonder how many comments it would got,if it had another name than Super Bros :D
Posted by Airflow 18th July, 2005

I haven't played this yet (I intend to.) but are you sure you can say "mario gameS"? The super bros series wasn't very Mario-ish (You shot bullets in strait lines, for example).
Posted by Stian B. 19th July, 2005

I got my inspiration from Mario games.And sure it doesnt play as real Mario,never intended to do. Even I might wished it did that time.But that was the best I could do that time :) Note: In Super Bros 2,there is grass on the ground (like Super Mario bros 2)And first I wished you could pick it up and throw it,but I did not figure it out,ha :) So it just becom points in my game.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th July, 2005

If all the graphics were original and completely unrelated to Mario my opinion would still be the same, only that I'd commend you for using original graphics...
Posted by Stian B. 19th July, 2005

Yab,amputee boss aint easy to kill ;) Looks like im making always too hard bosses hmm... Me go vacation,be a lil nice with Super Bros when im away :)
Posted by Ripatius 19th July, 2005

I only looked at the screenshots and I'm already pretty disappointed. PEOPLE! Do your own graphics!
Posted by Jamesbuc 19th July, 2005

Sombody should make a Super bros parody. (phizzy?)
Posted by Ripatius 21st July, 2005

Phizzy, maybe I'm new on these sites but I have used clickteam's programs for over three years. This is my opinion: Usually when you use the graphics from the program's libraries the whole style is wrong, the perspective is wrong and they just don't fit in the game. Using pre-made graphics is just a way to avoid doing it better or with your own nice style.
Posted by Ski 21st July, 2005

im disapointed too.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd July, 2005

HCRC was awesome, Stian! But this makes my eye's bleed.
Posted by Yai7 24th July, 2005

Not bad! I actually like it! ^_^ Stian B! I glad to see your'e here! I am sorry if I wasn't giving you good reviews for your last games! This game proofs that even with simple engine it can be a fine game! Not bad! Waiting to see more new games!
Posted by Stian B. 28th July, 2005

Hey,what a lousy review.All that you wrote in the so called review,you should PM me,cause its NOT a review for the game. At least play it for a while,and come with constructive critism.
Posted by Petos 16th August, 2005

Leave us alone, Stian. Please.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th August, 2005

Well... the review does seem to be a bit of a moan at the concept of seven unimproved Super Bros games rather than the actual game itself. However, you say that: "It was a BIG wish to make it scrolling back in 1999" No, it wasn't a big wish. TGF came out in 1996, and, as soon as I purchased it, the first thing I learnt was how to create scrolling. It's one of the easiest things to ever learn - even Nuklear knows how to do it, and it tells you how to do this in the instruction book. You need to put more effort into your games. Not trying to offend or anything like that, but seven Super Bros games should be made illegal since there aren't any significant improvements to any of the games.
Posted by Stian B. 20th November, 2005

Ha,Circy boy.It was no problem to make it scrolling(One of the reasons I bought TGF)Problem was when I did it with the built in platfom movement,it was buggy,fall off platforms so on.And make my own engine,I guess I was not good enough.
So dont go crazy just for one sentence,I know you hate Super Bros





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