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Review: Super Bros 7
Author: Johan Hargne (Wartagon)
Added: 22/07/2005

Okey. here we go.

As you click the link to view the game here at TDC you get to see the author, Stian B.'s record of created games. You just need a single quick look at it to see that the majority of games is labered Super Bros (number). He has submitted seven Super Bros games to this site..!
To begin with... seven games is quite much. We can rarely see games out there that has come to the 7th game. There's no Diablo 7 - there's no Halo 8 (yet ). One of the few creators that can claim that they've created more than seven games under the same game-title, is SquareSoft - the company who brought us the Final Fantasy series. But most of these sequals are independent, making this serie look even more suspect. I believe that it takes a lot of skill to manage a creation of seven games under the one and the same title. But does our friend Stian B. got that very talent?
Of course it all depends on what taste in games who've got. If you have completely NOTHING to do during your week - and you have been doing everything that you enjoy already - then you might wanna play through series like these..

As many people already have said; there is hard to differ the first six games with the 7th. And seriously, it is the same game through the whole serie but with so called 'different' levels.
Even the fact that the game includes library graphics from TGF, keeps people from downloading the game.
When I read one of Stain's comments about the game, it's if like Stian B. didn't think about what he was doing.

"Hey, its improved compared to the 6 others. But there is still no scrolling, and it use of the built-in platform movement. It was a BIG wish to make it scrolling back in 1999, and better engine. But it didnt work well with the built in movement, and my knowledge on custom engine was very poor"

I wanna ask him WHY the hell he submits a game, if he wants to do scrolling and a custom platform engine. Either way he didn't think about what he was doing or he was just lazy.
Seeing how there always are some of the downloaders who posts negative comments, even to a game that is enjoyed by the majority, I do not know why Stain sumbitted this game NOW. He finished it back in 2000!!
The built-in platform engine and library graphics won't take Stian nowhere. He's stuck unless he releases a game - without the Super Bros title - without library graphics and SFX - without the built-in engine - a game that actually has been made the same year as it was created..

... Yeah! And Stian... 800x600 is NOT a "original" screen resolution.

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