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Review: Terminal Orbit: The Demo v1.1b (Updated)
Author: Dr Zaius
Added: 31/05/2003

Hello everybody. I have decided to review some of the RTS here at DC. I hope that I do not offend any of the creators of these games, as I know how much work is required to make a Klik RTS.

Terminal Orbit

Presentation: After downloading (took awile on my 56k), started up the game and was met with a good intro movie explaining the story. The menu layout of the game was fairly good, with easy to navigate menus. The game it's self well laid out with the menus and minimap placed in non distracting places.

Gameplay: T.O.'s game paly was quite good, with a fairly solid movement engine and easy to use interface. The A.I. was a little basic (Mostly just build and attack) but it works for the Skirmish. I did find it a bit hard at first but once I got used to the game speed, It becomes easy enough. I hope the finished version has some more variaty in the missions. The gameplay reminded me of the old C&C games (Before Red Alert 2)

Graphic: The graphic are done from a bird's eye view. They are fairly detailed and fit together nicly. They overall appeace looks profesional as nothing looks out of place or rushed. The graphics could vairy a bit. It can be hard to tell diffrent units apart sometimes.)

Sound and Music: The Sound and Music in the game are average. They blend with the game well and are not distracting but at to the overall effect of the game.

Lastability: I would like to say that this game will keep you hooked for a long time, however you probably will only find your self playing a few rounds of it. There is not a enough variaty in units and the gameplay becomes some what bland after awhile.

In conclusion I would like to say that this game is better then most klik RTS (and Games for that matter) and has solid, if somewhat basic, game play. Tigerworks has obviously but alot of work into this game and deserves the credit for it. I hope that this game is finished and livezs up to its Potentital.

Dr Zaius

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