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Review: Terminal Orbit: The Demo v1.1b (Updated)
Author: ChrisB
Added: 22/09/2002

Okay. The game we've all been waiting for. If you had the chance to play Project Rattlesnake you'd know what this is like - a unit-building projectilefest, chock full of explosions AKA the military RTS.

After the large download (for us 56k users, at least) you can't wait to play it. Did I tell you I saw this at the Click Convention? Well, it's been made harder in the 12 hours since it was first shown. No bananas for you!
Okay, back onto the game. You install it, play it, and see the intro. Yes, it's all done by MMF, with effective uses of semitransparency and fades. After this you see the title screen, just as nicely presented as you'd expect. So off to the main part of this demo, the 'Skirmish' mode.

It has all the familiar RTS controls. Click a unit, send it somewhere. Select multiple units, send them somewhere. Right-click a construction building, up pops a menu of things to build. Enemies to destroy, either let units do it automatically or order them yourself. Minimap in corner, status at the bottom, it seems simple enough. In fact, it's just like an RTS should be, and a very good Click game. Even François was impressed by it!

Alas, no game is flawless... not even 'Super Diamond Mining Land'. So, what are these faults? I shall begin.

Resources - While this isn't major, it would be easier if the bar was constantly displayed rather than having to mouseover a solar panel or reading the numbers.

Unit Health - Most RTSs have a health bar constantly above (selected) units. TO should have these, or at least display them for units low on health so you see instantly the weak ones.

AI - I do realise it's a demo. However, consider this as more of a suggestion. It's annoying to lose units because some far-away enemy repeatedly shoots at them, while they stand idle. It isn't hard to do either- if you get shot at when not attacking or moving, move in some random direction.

Plot - How is it going to be developed? At the moment it sounds like repeated skirmishes with added conditions and things to do. It will be interesting to see if it goes anywhere.

However, despite what I have said, it's a great game considering it's at an early stage and worth the download. So download it now!


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