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Review: Terminal Orbit: The Demo v1.1b (Updated)
Author: Stephan
Added: 10/05/2003

I'm a fervent rts lover, played tons of them. I'm suprised to learn that you can even make them with MMF, so I decided to check some out (the best looking ones). This is number one I'll review.

Good points:
* After downloading I said wow this looks good, the menu's and interface are good, the wait screen is cool.
* I like the continual build function.
* good graphics.
* Good point and click system.
* Pretty good pathfinding.
* Sound and music are good.

Bad points:
* After playing with it for a while I noticed how slow it is and the menu's for building stuff come up annoyingly slow. At some point in the game I closed it down, because it just was uplayable.
* Graphics (although good) don't match each other, it all seems out of place.
* Where's the cool stuff? All you can do is build and attack.
* Enemy AI not smart at all, just sents hordes of units to your base and doesn't react to player strategies at all.
* Units collision is none excistant. Units overlap each other and run over buildings.
* Player cannot apply any tactics in the game, because the enemy sents so many units in attacking the player, all the player can do is build, build, build and build some more and sent these units to face the enemy.
* All goes to fast, no moment of rest in the game at all.

When making the claims the creator did you have to be sure of your product can live up to these claims and this game certainly doesn't do so, unfortunally. I know that the other reviews give better marks, but I just can't after playing it. (I even wonder how some of the reviews say it's not such a good game at all and still give it an 8?) I do hope the creator continues working on it and turns this good start into a great game with lot's of features and good gameplay, the potential is there!

Sound and Music:

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