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Review: Terminal Orbit: The Demo v1.1b (Updated)
Author: Eagle32123
Added: 23/09/2002

Think of C&C.
Think of Click.
Think of C&C and Click.
Sum: Terminal Orbit.

Though just a demo, this game has the BEST RTS engine Ive seen in any Click game. The controls are easy, and the game play is general.

The intro started out nice, and overall is good enough for a click game.

AI: the AI for this game is truly amazing. Though many of the times they just do tactics tank rush style, you can tell alot of work went into their behavior. They dont just make suicide attempts to destroy ur base. If they come upon any defenses, or even ur own units, on their way to ur base, they will engage u.

The sound was good, but i didnt really pay much attention to it. OF course, this is just the demo, so maybe the sounds, and music tract will get the players attention better.

The graphics are okay. They are adequate for the game, though it would be nice if they had more of a 3d effect. But, still, their not very much needed, since its the game play that defines a game, not its graphics.

Overall, i would say this is a demo worth downloading. The full version game has a 99.99% chance of being downloaded to my computer when its released.


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