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Review: Terminal Orbit: The Demo v1.1b (Updated)
Author: TS Team
Added: 25/11/2002

First Reaction:
"This game is almost perfect..."

Reaction While Playing:
"This game is so close to perfect, it's very fun!"

Reaction After Playing:
"That game is perfect..."

Overall Review:
After playing the first demo, I saw the new demo and downloaded it. Hoping that it wouldn't go slow and lack like the first demo, I ran the application. With shock, the loading frame didn't take long like the last demo. Everything had it's own unique great graphics! Music and sound effects for almost everything, also. It was very fun and bugless. It was almost the perfect click RTS game! IS the perfect RTS game! With options to change graphics modes and scrolling, you can't go wrong! Great game thats very, I mean very worth downloading!

This is first place on my list, the gameplay was awesome! I havent encountered any bugs or errors like the first demo! This is fun enough to be a beta version (complete version)...and I wonder how the complete one will be, it possibly might double my ratings for this game! This game is one of the best! Wait...the best!

Great, well draw and well animated. Each tank had it's own unique texture and the enemies had different versions! Nicely done grass with a wet type, dirt technique. Greatly finished graphics. The animations...well...the tanks weren't animated, but little things were. Other than that, it doesn't even need to be animated! This is great!

One of the most advance I have seen. Your unit's artificial intelligence is well programmed and designed to think mostly by themselves! As well as, the enemie artificial intelligence were even greater! They moved when they wanted to move, shoot when they wanted to shoot. Great programming and best of all, it was bugless!

Well chosen choice of well chosen sound. Boom went the blasted tank and kablammoe went the Power Plant! Great variety, but a small collection. Although it was small, it was well chosen. Great job at chosing the right sound effects. As for the music, there was only one I think, but it was also well chosen. This is great for a demo, and good for a beta!


Final Quote:
"I'm keeping this game on my computer!"

Sound and Music:

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