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Crystal Towers 2
Author: David Newton (DavidN) Submitted: 11th June, 2011 Favourites:3
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 372

Right - it's finished.

Crystal Towers 2 is the sequel to the first 'big' project that I ever released, many years ago in 2005, though it's now so far removed from the original game as to be completely separate. The first prototypes of it were released in 2007, it's been dragged through every version of MMF2 since then, and now I've finally booted it out into the world just after its fourth birthday.

What it's ended up as is a sort of Mario 64-ish, Metroid/Zeldaish Sonic-influenced 90s DOS-styled platform game. Rejoin Bernard the monk again as he's sent out from his temple through varied worlds, with the mission of finding the eight Music Crystals and restoring harmony to the land.

Here's the game's introduction:

You can download the free edition from , which lets you explore up until the second boss. The full version is just $5 through Fastspring, and opens up the whole Music Castle, giving you close to 300 challenges through 33 levels and 14 bosses. You can choose to automatically upload your progress through the game to the site, and embed your scorecard in your site or signature.

Huge amounts of thanks go to J Freude, Adam, Hayo, Hempuli and Chris Street for the various testing and graphical contributions they made to the game - it wouldn't have been the same without any one of them.

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Posted by The Chris Street 12th June, 2011

Amazed this hasn't recieved more downloads already
Posted by Fanotherpg 12th June, 2011
Rated :

I bought it with no doubts that I will have a fun playing it. But it's queued on the list so
Posted by Rikus 13th June, 2011
Rated :

Loving the online feature called "scorecards" that tracks your progress. I like seeing what everyone else is doing within the game.
Posted by Fordom 14th June, 2011

This was fun, but looks too much like sonic the Hedgehog.
Posted by Duncan 15th June, 2011

Congrats on getting this behemoth out of the gate!

Already humming the songs!
Posted by Hayo 15th June, 2011
Rated :

I am sure I commented on this and rated it.
Posted by TechVision 16th June, 2011

Super game. Playing the demo so far.
Posted by Mathias Kærlev 16th June, 2011
Rated :

Started playing this for a bit. I've lost interest in games lately, but I found it amazing how this was a click game. Funny dialog, clever controls, etc.

Good job!
Posted by Yai7 20th June, 2011

SWF exporter, use it quick to suck money from people with mochi-ads. Quick! A game like this exist for one and only reason! To got you to get money!!!

If not, then don't create such an abomination.
Start suck the cash outa-people! Convert it to SWF now!
Posted by Yai7 20th June, 2011

Oh. Yeah. It is already for sell, but the free version should be as well a Mochi featured. Unless they don't accept much of a large file... What a waste of time if is.
Posted by Hagar 24th June, 2011

Seems to randomly lock up for a second or two when I am just about to land on an foe. Makes getting combo's incredibly frustrating! Does anyone else have this issue?
Posted by Hempuli 28th June, 2011
Rated :

Well, after all these years it's great to see it done! The game's stable, long and good, so the only thing I can really criticize are the graphics and the story, the former of which varies from really good to very bad, and the latter of which probably wasn't a thing you intended to present as a strong point of the game.
Posted by JFrudy 29th July, 2011

That's most likely due to the fact that there were multiple artists with different styles =[





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