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Special Agent Bunnet versus Doctor Dishwater
Author: David Newton (DavidN) Submitted: 31st August, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 136

Marking about the fifth game that I've released since starting my alleged current project, I battered this puzzle/observation thing out in MMF over the last week after taking the concept from a game that I was doing for another site. Buying a Commodore 64 book the previous week had got me in something of an 80s mood - I came up with the entire "storyline" for it on Tuesday morning and it was done by Friday. I wanted it to be a bit... crazier and take itself less seriously than some of my other games, striving for a mood that was something like the random shareware games that I was fed on while growing up.

The aim is simple, as described in the story - deactivate the bombs by finding the buttons that don't have duplicates anywhere else. About ten people on Mochi have reached the end so far - one of them in four minutes, which surprised me as my own record's closer to five. Hopefully it's the kind of thing that you can use to distract yourself for lunch - then to forget that lunchtime ended an hour ago.

I'm interested in whether this sort of anti-pairs game is something that anybody's done before - it's such a simple idea that I feel that they must have, but I can't name anything myself and I keep on getting comments that it's an original idea (though perhaps you could argue that it's just a variant on the hidden-object click-em-up genre).

I'm also aware that this game's title starts with "Special Agent", further cementing the theory that I only have three game titles that I'm going to be using for the rest of time.

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Posted by The Chris Street 31st August, 2010
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Posted by OMC 31st August, 2010
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Haha, this is great!

Beans on toast, that is!
Posted by Bricnic 1st September, 2010
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Fun and difficult. Took me a good 17 minutes :/
Posted by The Chris Street 16th September, 2010
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I can't believe this hasn't received more downloads to be honest





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