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BloX 2 (Lite)
Author: David Newton (DavidN) Submitted: 14th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 383

Edited By Wong Chung Bang on 11/14/2002

About seven years using Click products, and finally my first release on this site.

BloX 2 is a multiplayer action game, in a similar vein to Bomberman. The object of the game is to run around trying to blow things up, while other players try to blow you up. Simple, really.

Powerups can be collected to upgrade your player, and some levels contain special blocks that can do anything from simply blocking your path, to setting off huge chain reactions!

If this game is liked enough, I'll get around to releasing the "heavy" version, with more types of levels, and with any luck more options for game setup as well.

NOTE: The file "cncs32.dll" is not included in the ZIP - it just adds to the file size, and I assume that most Clickers will have this file anyway.

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Posted by Steve Harris 14th November, 2002

This game is great everyone should dload it!! :)
Posted by Rhino Studios 14th November, 2002

I can remember i have seen this game-style be4... All seems do make this kind of game nowdays... But i think this game is an good version of this kind of game!
Posted by Rhino Studios 14th November, 2002

I like the game very much!!! :);):D;):)
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 14th November, 2002

well thats Rhinos opinion, and it doesnt mean it is the best klik game hes ever played i might give games 10/10 if i think its the bet game ive played in that category, you cant really compare a puzzle game to an rpg, you can say you like one better. but that might be hes favourite game in this Genre.
Posted by Ashman 15th November, 2002

His oppinion is three dots????? Rikus should put up a word limit. Any reviews that fall short cannot be submitted. Cool Game, reviewing soon
Posted by Rhino Studios 15th November, 2002

okay! okay! sorry for not wroting something there, but i was in a hurry!:( And Crystal Clear is right! i THINK it IS the best game i have played in that category! :D Ben, do u really think that i would say that this game was the best clickgame in my life? ;) Well I can tell you that better games like this one is exist. Sorry to say that Wong :( I will soon enough write an better opinion about the game but... Now i have to sleep! :D:D:D:D I hope you gays understanding what I'm trying to tell you!
Posted by Rhino Studios 15th November, 2002

oops! I mean guys!!! SOOOORY!!!!!!!
Posted by Mr Saturn 15th November, 2002

Rhino please do us a favor and don't forget to take your ritalin again.
Posted by Rhino Studios 16th November, 2002

I will! ;)
Posted by The Chris Street 16th November, 2002

Rhino, stop posting short reviews which barely take up a couple of lines. And that goes for everyone too. Make your reviews detailed, or at least about three paragraphs or so.
Posted by Rhino Studios 16th November, 2002

Why are all blamin' me? I HAVE aded some more text about the game! Every one who's writin', doesn't write as much as you do... Maby I didn't come up with more ideas in my head about the game. So stop blaming me for liking this game!!!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 17th November, 2002

Hey, I for one don't blame you for liking it (biased? Never.) Don't worry, I'm well aware it's far from the best game ever, but it's good to know someone enjoyed it.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 19th November, 2002

What do you mean, the gfx "gets on your nerves?" I'm not complaining, constructive criticism is good, but I'd like some more detail... Also, is that review coming soon, Ashman?
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 22nd November, 2002

Great game!!!
Posted by Mr. Mister 23rd November, 2002

I test The Smiles... :) :( :D ;) ;( ;D <(^_^)>
Posted by Galaxy613 12th February, 2003

I test the Star ** **






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