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Treasure Tower
Author: David Newton (DavidN) Submitted: 30th April, 2006 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 493

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Edited By David Newton (Wong) on 02/05/2006

Treasure Tower is a fast-paced platform game that features over 200 rooms in 26 courses. The objective of each course is to climb a tower built from random rooms and collect the treasure at the top.

The main enemy of the game is time. While in the tower, the clock is constantly running - it starts at just over 30 seconds, and running into obstacles such as spikes or the ghosts that inhabit the towers will temporarily speed it up, making progress more difficult. Time can be restored by finding food, which appears every few rooms, getting rarer in the later towers. Treasure can also be collected for points - there are fifteen pickups in every room, though there are also nine special "treasure rooms" with more.

Once you reach a certain point in the game, a Time Attack mode will be unlocked. This section of the game features the opportunity to submit your times to the online high score board on the game's minisite:

The controls are the standard Click-game setup: Left and Right move, Up and Down toggle switches, Shift jumps. Game controllers are also supported if you select them from the title screen.

More details of the game are explained in the tutorial that you'll get when you start the first tower, and a PDF manual is also provided.

Most of the soundtrack is composed of ragtimes by Scott Joplin, and they were sequenced by Warren Trachtman. The rest of the music, the graphics and the program are by me.

Thanks to Circy, Spram, Noyb and Hempuli for sending in the extra rooms. Also, vast apologies to Hempuli for spelling his name wrongly in the credits.

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Posted by Jest 2nd May, 2006

Great game. Awesome gameplay...everything was great. Only thing I didn't really like was the main charecter. He's not much to look at.
Posted by Arneckian 2nd May, 2006

I rate it 100/10
Posted by Hempuli 2nd May, 2006

Hehe, everything is unlocked now!
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 2nd May, 2006

Ah so you finished it! Well this gets my GOTW vote.
Posted by 2nd May, 2006

It's very addicting, David. I hadn't actually played a klik game for more than 5 mins until now-- probably since TSE came out... if I'm not wrong.
Posted by AndyUK 3rd May, 2006

Yeah you're wrong, You played Buzz 2 for hours didn't you?
Good game Wong. But as Jest said the main character is a bit dull, like he is there because you need someone to control rather than for a reason.
Posted by Milo 3rd May, 2006

This is a fantastic game. Nice and hard I like that and original graphics. Ive been waiting for something good to be made (I'm tired of looking at old games and trying to fix TGF (My brother wants me to us MMF, but I cant). This is just what TDC needs
Posted by 3rd May, 2006

its AMAZING, except for the glitch that raises you thru the bottom of the platforms. and if you die and your skeleton hits the platform going upwards, then your body goes up, but not the skeleton. great game as expected.
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 3rd May, 2006

The game wouldnt let me put my full name in and only in capitals so i found the save file.

data\slot1.twr and made my name rly long.
Posted by contra 3rd May, 2006

Gameplay FTW! This really is a great game.
And since noone else commented about it, I'd like to say that I love the music! It just fits perfectly!
Posted by Sandu Vlad 3rd May, 2006

Could someone tell me how to turn back to the Tower selection menu after dying? 'Cause I just finished ove 100 on Survival and it didn't count ((

Great Game btw
Posted by Reno 3rd May, 2006

Posted by Reno 3rd May, 2006

Ahhhh a joypad makes this game actually playable. I tryed on the keyboard, I can't do it! EVERYONE GET A JOYPAD!
Posted by Mruqe 3rd May, 2006

At last. I've been waiting anxiously for this one. To bad I can't play right now
Posted by Radix 4th May, 2006

Fuckawesome game dude. Collector mode is seriously difficult after a couple of beers.
Posted by Moonyjacob 4th May, 2006

great game...It's quite hard on some places...But out of all of that great game and a rating of 10/10...And i can't understand how you made so many levels
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 4th May, 2006

To be perfectly frank, neither can I.

Sandu Vlad: You should be able to get back by pressing Jump.

Thanks for the comments so far, everyone.
Posted by Mruqe 4th May, 2006

OK. This is just so much better then I expected! This is the first game where you have to race against the clock that I found very playable rather than frustrating. Thumbs WAY UP! Too bad I don't have enough reflexes to unlock all the modes - I can't write a decent, comprehensive review. And I'd like to... Maybe I'll just write a short and a uncomprehensive, but higly positive one
Posted by Milo 4th May, 2006

How long did this take?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 4th May, 2006

It was started at the end of August last year - you can see it in its very first form here.

It wouldn't have taken anywhere near eight months if I'd worked on it constantly, though - I've always had a rather sparse approach to clicking.
Posted by Radix 5th May, 2006
Posted by Noyb 5th May, 2006

Posted by 5th May, 2006

Posted by Mruqe 5th May, 2006

Yeah, sure - everyone get a fake account and vote for prask. Just like "everybody sucks."

BTW - Damn you Wong! Damn you and your God forsaken towers. I'm stuck on the collector mode and can't stop playing
Posted by NamelessOne 5th May, 2006

Hmmm Tower games lets see, we have Crystal Towers, Treasure Tower ( both from this site ), Icy Tower um any one else care to name any more tower games they know...
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 5th May, 2006

Mystic Towers!
Posted by Henry GALE 6th May, 2006

an excellent game but I prefer Within A Deep Forest.
Posted by Nicklas_N 6th May, 2006

A fantastic game, with tons of levels It constantly makes me extremely nervous, but in a good way I guess
Posted by UF Comtec 6th May, 2006

I love this. If this game doesn't win GOTW next week I'll eat Evil Kitty's toenails.
Posted by Mruqe 8th May, 2006

Dude - that's Chinese cooking
Posted by Imadjinn 8th May, 2006

A phenominal slice of gaming wonderment that also makes me sad for making me a liar about WaDF... I like this more...


Posted by NamelessOne 9th May, 2006

How do u beat collector, takes so long to get every treasure in each room, how do u beat expert so low food, its like blitz x 1000 in difficulty, how please give me tips ive been stuck on this game for days, thank you people
Posted by Nicklas_N 9th May, 2006


Why not If you like it more, vote for it. I also think Treasure Tower is a fantastic game. No matter if my "Within a Deep Forest" is also neat, if more people prefer this game it is certainly a worthy winner of the the GOTW title.
Posted by Mruqe 11th May, 2006

@NamelessOne: Expert isn't that hard once you get your practice. Collector is the real problem. There's no right way to beat it. You just have to be lucky so any hard rooms won't show up. And... practice Or play the new version of Munchie Moves ( for relaxation - it's turn based
Posted by Imadjinn 11th May, 2006

Expert was a piece o' piss, collector is a git. I got to the last room and ran out of time... RAGE!!!

The fact you can leave without having collected every treasure is also sort of annoying...
Posted by Mruqe 11th May, 2006

Same here. Adrenaline rush in the last collector room made me botch a jump and I ran out of time. But unlike you, I like the fact that you can leave the room without all the treasure. Minding the trasure, the timer and the obstacles at the same time makes you more perceptive and boosts your reflexes and is good for you and recomended by World Health Organisation
Posted by Imadjinn 12th May, 2006

Finally diddled Collector mode... Puzzle mode made me smile. It made me think of Knightmare. I still don't know what the Hell links the letters in that one room though... Y'know, the one where you have to pick a letter? The same goes for the 100 room and the playing card room... >_<

I don't think I'll make it to All mode.
Posted by Whippers With 14th May, 2006

I love this game! Too bad it was submitted the same week as "Within a Deep Forest"... otherwise it would've easily been a GOTW. Do you know what's annoying? Playing collector mode, and this happens:

Last level and he DIES ON TOP of the food!!! Arrrgh! The rage! Awesome game, though. I really adore the music =
Posted by Mruqe 16th May, 2006

You go to hell, Wong! You go to hell and you die!
I still can't beat collector mode
Posted by axel 16th May, 2006

Posted by axel 16th May, 2006

That was in room 86 of survival, I think
Posted by Nicklas_N 18th May, 2006

Beaten the game now Really great stuff!
Posted by Arneckian 23rd May, 2006

Haha. I found a cheat. It requires a joypad...
Posted by Mruqe 29th May, 2006

I finally got through the Collector mode. And I think this would of been much easier if I didn't know how many floors I've already been through.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 30th May, 2006

Nice to know people are still playing it. You might have noticed that the online scores are a bit broken at the moment, but I'm hoping they'll be fixed in the next day or two.

I don't remember putting in a cheat that specifically requires a joypad... what did you find?
Posted by Airflow 31st May, 2006

I'll play it till I pass it. It's really good!
It would have been nice if it kept your personal best time for the online score thing.
Posted by Jason Orme 25th August, 2006

Really really great game.

This is what classic gaming is all about.
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 25th November, 2006

lol this is funny, at first i had no idea what i was doing but then i realised you have to get as many rooms as you can before the time runs out. (very clever)
Posted by 24th February, 2007

i thought the game was borring!!!! seriesly hows climbing a tower againest time with crappy music fun ????????? Jesus though, you are really advanced with the programing stage now that was impressive!!!
Posted by UrbanMonk 12th August, 2009
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