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Treasure Tower - Flash edition
Author: David Newton (DavidN) Submitted: 3rd July, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 128

Having failed to write any new games for the last while, I've taken to remaking my old ones... here's a version of Treasure Tower from 2006, modified so that it could be run through MMF2's SWF exporter.

Not a whole lot of the game had to be changed... most notably all the music and sound actions had to be replaced and I had to modify the way it saved so that it was allowable in Flash - I hope to write a fuller article on what I had to do to convert it later on. Otherwise, most of the work just went into polishing up the presentation a bit - I've added multiple characters and improved some things that I didn't think worked very well the first time. It's also now connected up to MochiMedia and its high score boards, so you can still compete with other players for the best times and other records - I've even gone as far as trying out sharing it on Facebook.

I must say that I quickly found myself on the receiving end of karmic retribution for scoring the game entirely with Scott Joplin ragtimes, because all I can hear in my head now is endless manic piano music - for the benefit of everyone else, as special consideration in this version, I've put in the option to make it stop.

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Posted by nim 4th July, 2010

Nice! I had a few issues with it but it was good fun to play. I like how his armour falls off and he turns into a skeleton when the time is up. Reminds me of Knightmare if you ever watched that back in the day.

It's good to hear that you had very little trouble converting an older game to Flash. I had a lot of issues with my own. Looking forward to the article!

Edit: Our avatars look pretty similar, heh.
Comment edited by nim on 7/5/2010
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 4th July, 2010

Indeed, I used to love Knightmare, and this game actually started out as a fangame of sorts for it I was going to use the face/skull life force sequence for the timer at first, but quickly realized that loading and getting to the right place in an AVI every frame was... not a good idea. So the clock came about as a replacement, but there was still that reference to the programme in the way that he falls apart when you run out of time!

After doing this I've got so many ideas for what would work better in a sequel, now...
Posted by Rikus 5th July, 2010

oohh does that mean the sequel is now officialy confirmed?





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