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Blue Friends 1.4
Author: Simon Czentnár Submitted: 21st May, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 168

Edited By Simon Czentnár on 9/16/2011

Edited By Simon Czentnár on 9/16/2011

Okay, let's imagine that there are two rectangle-shaped guys. The first one lives in the top area, the second one lives in the inverse bottom area (you can see this area upside down). They can't live in peace because there are always evil birds, ships and icebergs that want to attack them.

Press right or left to move the blue guys.
You can jump with the up and the down keys.
The goal is to avoid the enemies that are coming from the left and right.

Enjoy this little unreal game!

This is my entry for the 20 Event Competition

Sorry, the source code isn't available anymore. Check out the Download link to get the Blue Friends Dashboard Widget or play the game online (Java).

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Posted by Simon Czentnár 21st May, 2008

Some notes:
- You will be able to make this game for Java easily! (Only the hi-score system is not compatible with Java at the moment because it uses the INI object.)
- I had problems with the controls - if I pressed up, down and left at the same time (this means that I wanted to jump with both of the guys and I wanted also to move them left), it didn't work. (It's interestiong, that it works in the right direction well... And it worked also when I set the controls to other keys, for example W,A,S,D...) Do you have also this problem?
Posted by erghhhhx 22nd May, 2008
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I've had similar problems, it's really stupid...

Anyway, cute graphics. =
Posted by Simon Czentnár 22nd May, 2008

I don't know, what's the problem. You will be able to change the controls in the .MFA file, when the Fusion2Developers website will be live again.
Posted by Zephni 22nd May, 2008

~ it looks v origional from the screen shots, *downloading*

Wowz! i really like it.. maybe im being dumb but the idea seems origional aswell.. either way i really like it, the graphics a very simple using just 2 tones, but works perfectly. in prehistoric times there were games with black, white and 2 shades of grey, yet as this has (quite well choosen shades of blue) it works well with the art style you have. i didnt notice any differing but i geuss thats not the kinda effect you wanted.

The gameplay is fun, yet as its just a score em' up i wasnt interested for THAT long, yet its a fun idea.
Im not sure if it had levels... but if you had diferent levels with different backgrounds it would make gameplay more fun.
(sorry if you do, i just didnt get that far becoz i got a bit anoyed with the controls that don't work when pressing left+up+down)

try making an event for each possible button pressed like:
left+up pressed, down+up+left pressed kinda thing.. coz i think its just geting confused.
I could be wrong, but iv'e never had troubles like that before...then again iv'e never made it so you control 2 things at the same time before.)
Comment edited by Zephni on 5/22/2008
Posted by Hempuli 22nd May, 2008
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This was really funny game. I enjoyed the idea a lot, however there was a possibility that there came a boat from both sides at the same time, and at least in my books it was impossible to jump over them (I can't press up+down+right at the same time).
Posted by Sheexy 22nd May, 2008
Rated :

Really cute style.

The game is really fun and it's a great concept. You might not be able to press three buttons at once when you are jumping, but if you just tap up and down and then hold down whatever direction you want you can move with them both in the air.
Just really hard to get the speed you need to jump over boats that way though, boats are huge.

It's too bad it has troubles with that, but it's still really fun.
Posted by Simon Czentnár 22nd May, 2008

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Sheexy wrote about the jumping:
"just tap up and down and then hold down whatever direction you want you can move with them both in the air"
That's the right way to jump over the enemies at the same time (in the top and the bottom area).

The size of the enemies makes the game easier or harder. You can jump over a bird easily but it's harder to jump over a ship.

I couldn't make more levels/features because the game frame contains 20 events already.
Posted by realvictory 22nd May, 2008
Rated :

Superb idea, and style.

One thing about the controls is that if you hold down left or right, then you want to jump both characters at once, it doesn't work.

The other thing it needs is some kind of learning-curve or achievement system. Does it get faster the longer you play it for? If not, I think it should.

The final thing that would make it more interesting is, special effects! Not saying you should copy it, but play Katamari Damacy.
Posted by realvictory 22nd May, 2008
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Wait, I had one more idea worthy of posting - have larger objects that require you to jump on floating platforms in order to get over them - that would make it a bit interesting.

But it's inspiring to see unique ideas implemented well at the same time for a change.
Posted by Vertigo 22nd May, 2008

Not very original :S most people here might not know, but please name inspirations this big!!
Posted by erghhhhx 22nd May, 2008
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Vertigo: I can't really see why you compare these two games... =/

Simon: I've tried it, it's good. But very hard. =
Posted by Simon Czentnár 23rd May, 2008

I've already played with Nitrome games before and they're really great and imaginative but I haven't seen a similar game on the site. There could be one, but I haven't known it...
Posted by columbo borgi :C 24th May, 2008

i like it
Posted by Jon C-B 28th May, 2008

I really suck at it but the music was great
Posted by erghhhhx 31st May, 2008
Rated :

It's sad this only got 2 GOTW-votes... =/
Posted by Simon Czentnár 29th July, 2008

13th place in the 20Events competition!!!
Posted by Toadsanime 18th April, 2009

Yay, for thanks for changing the link!





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