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Author: Andy H Submitted: 6th November, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 93

CHOLO is a 3D action / adventure game. Using the droids in the city, your only means of contact to the surface, free the citizens of Cholo from their bunker where they have taken refuge for hundreds of years.

The visual style has influences from Tron and Maxheadroom. You view the world through the eyes of the droids, computer enhanced images.

Your first task is to explore the surrounding areas and to capture the hacker droid. This will allow you to hack into the various computer terminals located around the city. Your second task is the find out the trueth and to free the citizens trapped in the bunker.

Visit the website for more information, including hints and tips, the maps of the city and the high score tables.

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Posted by axel 7th November, 2005

Looks nice.

May I ask you what you made it with?
Posted by Andy H 7th November, 2005

We wanted to do it in Jamagic, and had got a landscape built with place-holder buildings and our player robot moving about them. Unfortunately we hit a few problems with the 3D enigne and commands. Some fundamental stuff but also lots of small niggly things. It was difficult to work with on the 3D side and unfortunately development support for Jamagic disappeared so we decided to complete in another program. We tried Irrlicht (which is excellent) and Blitz and settled on the latter. It's a shame really as Jamagic - the language, 2D and Windows support is top notch (see our past games). Shame there is no one to pick up the 3D side right now, but you never know the Irrlicht route for Jamagic is still a possibility.
Posted by Wicked Studios 8th November, 2005

Small niggly things? What kind of word is "niggly"? Is it even in the dictionary.
Posted by Peblo 8th November, 2005

Go look it up.

I downloaded it, played it until I got to a big open place with red buildings (game began to run slowly)and died by a tank. It looks way good, although it got annoying when I saw fuzz whenever I tapped a wall. That tech circle was really awesome too.
Posted by Joshua M. 9th November, 2005

The graphics style reminds me of Darwinia
Posted by Cecilectomy 9th November, 2005

or tron.
Posted by Andy H 10th November, 2005

Reading the Getting Started Guide on the website is really important if you never played the original game and / or have no idea what it's about.

It's not like modern FPS'ers that are action and learning all the way ... this is a 1986 remake A game that helped invent 3D worlds! It's more of an exploratory game, there are many secrets to find too. It's not a game to pick up and have a quick blast, although you can try destroying everything you come across you won't be able to complete the game.

For the first thing you do, hack in to the computer in the building you start in and grab the password file. Then leave the building and disable the hacker droid that is approaching from the west ... use one of the passwords to take control of it.
Posted by DaVince 22nd November, 2005

VERY good game. I even read the one-hour story!
Posted by Noel Geniza 26th November, 2005

How do you make this






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