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XOR - The Ultimate Maze Challenge
Author: Andy H Submitted: 29th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 267
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XOR - The Ultimate Maze Challenge

There are no random events in XOR's labyrinthine palace, and there is no premium on hand-eye coordination.

You have all the time in the world to work out the precise nature of the hazards you encounter. Logical thinking, strategy and tactical problem solving are part of the XOR experience.

XOR is not simply about finding solutions. If you can solve the entire puzzle (15 levels plus an encrypted anagram), you qualify to be a member of the Order of XOR.

There is a replay function to save and watch your previous games and if you complete a level you can submit your replay and score to the xor server. Only the top 10 in each level will be recorded.

This game is not for the puzzle wimp - brain matter is required!

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 29th April, 2004

Hmmm...I like challenges...I like mazes...Downloading...
Posted by Strife 29th April, 2004

Andy H strikes again! :D I'm definitely trying this out. Downloading now...
Posted by Evil Monkey 29th April, 2004

Andy H, stop making the screenshots so small! I want to see the game at it's full size!
Posted by Cazra 29th April, 2004

pretty nice, but the scrolling on it is very annoying.
Posted by Andy H 29th April, 2004

You can change the scrolling from push to central which makes it easier. :)
Posted by Andy H 29th April, 2004

BTW - StuC did the majority of the coding on this one, I worked on the Graphics and website.
Posted by StuC 29th April, 2004

thanks for the mention Andy :)
Posted by danjo 29th April, 2004

well made and faithful to the original. (but) having said that, i would have liked you to take some artistic licence, and use the arrow keys, instead of the original keyset used. also another niggling point of the original was the non centring of the character making where you travelled partially guesswork at times. i would have like to seen the character centred at all times, bringing more decision making into it rather than blind guesswork (at times). also i noticed the moves counting down, i just played the original again, and noticed the moves incrementing. - so why not add some moves for each mask gained? anyway, nice effort.
Posted by Rhys D 30th April, 2004

"You can change the scrolling from push to central which makes it easier." You should really read other posts before you decide to complain danjo.
Posted by Andy H 30th April, 2004

:) You can also use the arrow keys to move, or at least you should be able to. Take a look under the menu, as well as centering the scrolling you can choose a different tileset. You can also load in replays and custom levels. I forgot to mention, there is a separate download on the webpage for the level editor, so you can make your own Xor levels.
Posted by StEnt 30th April, 2004

Every...single...time do we need to have a contest to see who can be the first to post. Every game you look at, the first post is always, hmmm looks interesting, downloading; or yay i like platformers, im gonna download this, The thing is, nobody cares which genre of games you prefer, or whether your downloading this or not. Try posting something contructive, such as tips to make it better (which i'm pretty sure is the entire point to this little posting deal.) By the way, it's a pretty good game. Worth a try, even if you don't like puzzles.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 30th April, 2004

This game is great! I have a load of games I want to review, now! :D
Posted by ChrisB 30th April, 2004

Nice game. But if you quit with the Ovine tileset selected, it doesn't use it again even though it's ticked on the menu - you have to select it again to display the Ovine tiles.
Posted by Kris 1st May, 2004

brain itchingly fun
Posted by David Evans 1st May, 2004

Just downloaded this game from your site (Which seems to be part of the puzle just to figure out what to click). Good presentation and well made :-) (though I can only complete 3 of the levels :-() Tried the editor too and found that deleting BMUS tiles doesn't work properly, as it still doesn't let you save due to an illegal number of them. Also it would be nice to have a fish that goes up and a chicken that goes right in a later version...
Posted by David Evans 1st May, 2004

oh, one more thing - you should add a checker to loaded custom levels (i.e. are they actually custom levels or something else). I typed star it the loader dialogue and managed to open .exe, .dat and many other files without excuse but with very strange results. That's all... I promise...
Posted by AndyUK 1st May, 2004

Cool i loved this on my Amstrad cpc. And this is basically the same. only with better graphics and sound (although i did sort of prefer the cpcs monotone)tune great stuff, my dad will love this.
Posted by Strife 1st May, 2004

Nice. I was so involved in the puzzles, I forgot to reply to my last comment! :) I've never played the original game, but this is fun nontheless. The levels require a lot of thought; I scratched my head so many times that I think it's starting to peel. :p But it's quite addicting! :D The level editor feels a bit messy, but it still works. Suggestions? Not sure, but it would be cool if you could design your own tilesets. By the way, in the level editor, how do you use the brown "box" walls instead of the green bricks?
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 1st May, 2004

Chickens and fish..? I've gotta get this! Looks great, AndyH.
Posted by StuC 7th May, 2004

The Editor will check for errors when you save a custom map. i.e. you cant have 1 teleporter or more than 2, must have 2 shield positions etc... The downloads page on our site always contains the current build. i.e. Ovine Tileset save was fixed. Im glad everyone seems to like our conversion, and the hiscore tables are filling up nicely. Have FUN - we enjoyed making it.





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