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Author: Andy H Submitted: 22nd June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 66

Jarcadian is a fast and furious arcade shooter. Based upon a Vic20 game called Arcadia. It's not as big as modern shooters, but it's a game you can pick up and play at any time.

There are bonuses to improve your firepower, give you shields and extra lives.

There are several different attack waves, getting to them all though will be a challenge!

Full Jamagic source code is included with the game if you want to modify it.

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Posted by TechVision 23rd June, 2004

What are the controls for this game?
Posted by Andy H 23rd June, 2004

Keyboard cursor keys. If you have a joystick the controls will default to that (and you won't be able to use keys). For player two I can't remember, they are keys over the left of the keyboard like Q T etc... but if you have two joysticks you will need to use the second one. If you have force feedback it will use that too.
Posted by TechVision 23rd June, 2004

Change that. Because I have a steering wheel, which isn't turned on, but it's connected (via USB). I'm not gonna deactivate it to play Jarcadian (even though it's probably very good).
Posted by remnance 23rd June, 2004

... yeah he's probably gonna change that just for you since you're the center of the world.
Posted by TechVision 23rd June, 2004

Not just for me of course. I think it's a good idea to let people choose how to play a game, instead of giving them no choice.
Posted by Kramy 24th June, 2004

Fun game. :) I'm not very good at it though. :P
Posted by vortex2 24th June, 2004

TechVision, becuase of the way the Jamagic GameInput object works, it is not possible for him to change it at this time. Perhaps when the next Jamagic patch comes out (if ever) then he will be able to update it. In the mean time you will just have to live with it ;).
Posted by Andy H 24th June, 2004

There is a work around that involves saving the game input config to a file and specifying there if key or joystick is preferred, but as the source is given away with this game, you could always change the controls :)
Posted by TechVision 24th June, 2004

Well forgive me all. I thought it was as easy as in say MMF, to change it. The demo of Jamagic won't cut it though to change it I guess...
Posted by vortex2 25th June, 2004

Oh didnt know that work around :) cool. Fun game :) but REALLY hard lol.
Posted by FlameCritter 27th June, 2004

Something else is really hard.





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