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Author: Andy H Submitted: 3rd October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 68

A remake of the Stardust Windows remake of the Amiga original! Asteroids at it's heart only with tin foil wrapped potatoes instead of steaming lumps of rock.

Use the cursor keys to control the spaceship in much the same way as Asteroids. Hold the SHIFT key to fire.

Blast away at the bigger potatoes and they'll break up into smaller potatoes. Blast away at the smaller potatoes and they'll break up into even smaller potatoes ... and so on.

Avoid collisions with potatoes, it doesn't do your health much good and you only get one chance so make it count!

This is a fun, but very small and brief asteroids type game that was made as a parody of another remake called Stardust, which is a WIP remake of an Amiga classic. The remake in question was accused of having asteroids that looked like potatoes wrapped in tin-foil, so we took it upon ourselves to show what tin foil wrapped potatoes in space really look like. Read the full story here:

The game features bog standard asteroid type action, nothing fancy or of notible value, but it is a fun blast the increasingly gets harder with each wave. The game has a surprising just one more go to getting a higher score appeal. We even will make it difficult for those that choose to stay stood still too long

Summary - a game which is a bit of fun. Try it now!

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Posted by ChrisB 4th October, 2003

Ahh, I remember Stardust and Super Stardust (I own the first one), and it does take a while to destroy the big asteroids/potatoes ;) It's not as hard, though. Andy, why doesn't the download protector work on Firebird? :'(
Posted by Andy H 6th October, 2003

That's very odd. We are simply using a redirect once you put the code in, it's pretty standard stuff. What is Firebird BTW?
Posted by ChrisB 6th October, 2003

Browser offshoot of Mozilla.
Posted by Andy H 6th November, 2003

To all - Firebird issue is fixed incase you have had any difficulty downloading from us. :)





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