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Mole Attack
Author: Andy H Submitted: 13th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 46

Edited By Andy H on 8/13/2003

Mole Attack is a faithful remake of a classic Commodore game on the Vic-20. Apparantly the game was also made for other 8-bits of the time, but the Vic version is the only one I ever played.

Press F1 to start a new game or F2 to reset the game. Hit the moles as they poke their heads from their mole holes. Hit them early on to get more points. However, the moles also stick out their bums too, don't hit them as you'll loose points.

Press the T, Y and U keys to use the hammer on the top row, G, H and J for the middle row and B, N and M for the bottom row.

Reach 150 points and get extended play to rack up your score. The high score is saved on your computer.

Have fun and bash a mole on the head!

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Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 16th August, 2003

hehe, does it have to be commodore style? oh well downloading...
Posted by Robert100chat 18th August, 2003

Make the graphics slightly better and don't have a plain black colour background and the game would look better, I know you are trying to recreate the commandor game but making it look better would get more downloads.
Posted by Evil Monkey 23rd August, 2003

This game needs better control. I can tell you just threw it together. Spend more time on your games, man.
Posted by Ly 28th October, 2003

Isn't it an exact remake of the Vic-20 original?





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