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Nothing (demo)
Author: Fifth Submitted: 22nd June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 399

Edited By Fifth on 31/01/2016

This is a little retro-style 2D-platformer/adventure game that I've been working on for a little while. Basically, I wanted two things from this: a tile-based engine reliable enough for me to have no major regrets, and a platformer game where you get to play as a quadruped. Aside from that, I haven't really got the details figured out (not even the name, hence it being called "Nothing").

What is here is not the finished product. It's only the first area, but it's very playable as-is (it's even got a working auto-map system). Nonetheless, when you end up in a black, cloudy place, it means you've reached the end of the world.

So, enjoy what's here. I'll be working on the rest.

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Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 23rd June, 2005

This looks pretty damn good but the zip doesn't open.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 23rd June, 2005

Yeah, the zip doesn't work for me either.
Posted by Fifth 23rd June, 2005

Wow... I'm not having good luck with uploading zip files... Okay, I think I've fixed it now.
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 23rd June, 2005

This is amazing. Graphics are amazing and the character's animations are just amazing. Nothing else to say. The automap reminded me of metroid :)
Posted by janne valtonen 24th June, 2005

cool FUCKING thing :o
Posted by MisterBull 24th June, 2005

Woah..... o.o Dude, ths is sweet!
Posted by izac 24th June, 2005

looks phat!!! i'm downloading it!
Posted by izac 24th June, 2005

woah!!!! NOT!!! :P this game lacks gameplay!!! even my grandmother would get bored or this:D hehe.. good graphics though.. 4/10
Posted by Chrisbo 24th June, 2005

pretty sweet!
Posted by Fifth 24th June, 2005

Thanks, those who liked it. I really do appreciate it. I was worried, before I found out that the zip was broken, that nobody would download it... And I'm sorry I disappointed you, U.2.
Posted by Jetstar 25th June, 2005

Wow, this looks just like Doukutsu Monogatari A.K.A Cave Story which was voted and *I think* WON top freeware game of the year. Is this a fangame?
Posted by Fifth 25th June, 2005

Heh... no, it's not a fangame, but Cave Story DID inspire me a great deal. It reminded me of the beauty possible with only a few colors, and of the fun of a good ol' adventure game... and also of the role a great story can play in a platformer, and a bunch of other stuff that I'm no good at doing. Thanks, NovaSoft! I actually keep wondering if I should give more detail to the character... or at LEAST some shading... The problem is that, while the current setup gives a pretty good idea of the creature's shape, I don't know if it'd work if I changed it much; I'm afraid that adding detail will kinda ruin the illusion...
Posted by Butt Head 25th June, 2005

Clean graphics and animations, but its a pretty boring platform game.
Posted by Joshua M. 26th June, 2005

It was a good platformer, just too bad that it wasn't challenging at all.
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 5th March, 2007

this was just great!

the graphics are truly amazing and the animation was smooth as hell. keep up the good work. I wanna see how it turns out in the end.

BTW I'm planning a game inspired by Cave Story too
Posted by Assault Andy 12th January, 2009

This is awesome!
Posted by erghhhhx 23rd August, 2009

Truly fantastic...
I like this even more than the amazing dinosaurgame.

Won't rate it, since it's not done. But I'm sure I'd give it a 5.
Posted by Tomssuli 12th September, 2009

This is simply beautiful game!

You should absolutely continue making this. I love the atmosphere you have there... The graphics remind me of the old good Lion King -game, although Lion King was frustratingly hard at some places, as this is quite easy.






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