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Bounce the Raccoon
Author: Fifth Submitted: 12th October, 2018 Favourites:6
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 148

This game was my submission for a month-long Something Awful summer game jams a few months back. The jam theme was "Unnecessary Sequels", but wasn't thrilled by the theme, and tried to incorporate it into a Kirby Super Star sort of "multiple games in one game" kind of thing. It was fun to make, and did alright.

From the page:

Bounce the Raccoon is a mascot platformer hero who can curl into a ball to bounce and roll around the stages. And what's the best part of any mascot platformer? Why, the spinoff games, of course!

Basic controls are explained in-game. To change them, run the configuration file first.

Game made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Game created for the "Unnecessary Sequels" - Awful Summer Jam 2018

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Posted by BigAl0104 14th October, 2018
Rated :

This game was super fun, I really enjoyed it!
Posted by Ambrion 21st October, 2018
Rated :

I want you to make a sequel to this so bad because of how AWESOME this turned out!!
Posted by Pengie Woo 23rd October, 2018
Rated :

Good job on making such an amazing game. One thing, the boys and I got stuck! Oh well!
Comment edited by Pengie Woo on 23/10/2018
Posted by Ambrion 4th November, 2018
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@Pengie Woo Where did you and the bunch get exactly stuck? I haven't seen any bugs so far, so that's why I'm asking, lole.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 9th November, 2018
Rated :

Very great job.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 10th November, 2018
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I think I got every active object diamond you can in one run in the first level to get a max score of 41,300. I believe I only had to skip 2 right at the start.
Comment edited by Billybobjoe198 on 10/11/2018
Posted by Fifth 10th November, 2018

Oh wow, @Billybobjoe198, that's impressive! I've never gone through and checked what the maximum score for the level would be, but that sounds about right. Certainly more than I've gotten in a single play. Does that include the star blocks and the ending block? Those give you variable amounts based on the speed you hit them, and I'm not entirely sure what's the most you can get from any one of them.

But dang, good job!
Posted by Billybobjoe198 11th November, 2018
Rated :

I assumed there were three reward tiers, normal, white, and red.
I recorded a video of me getting my new highest score, which is 47,700.
I would be amazed if someone could break into the 48,000's.

I do miss some diamonds at the end, but the speed advantage the final box gives is well worth missing a few low tier diamonds.
Posted by Fifth 11th November, 2018

Very well done! I'm amazed you were able to get that top diamond from the drop down from the first area. I would have written that one off as impossible!

You're right about skipping those diamonds right at the end, as you can get a lot more out of the end box using the momentum from the drop. I experimented with it (with the advantage of being able to put the player start right at the top of that hole), and managed to find a way to reliably get 5500-5800 from the end box, with occasionally up to 6100. So it's possible to squeeze just a LITTLE more out of it, but the once-per-play nature of the end box would make it kinda frustrating to do so.

What I found worked best was dropping from as high as possible, holding right as I got near the slope on the bottom. You have to get lucky and try to hit as steep a bit as possible, of course. The moment you hit, you press jump, which gives you some extra height as you ricochet. Unfortunately, you end up clipping the corner of the upward slope on the right, which steals the tiniest bit of momentum, but if you un-ball in mid-air, hit the slope on your feet, then immediately re-ball so that you don't spend too much time on the ground out-of-ball, you can land on the opposite slope without taking the momentum penalty, and without bouncing at all. This is a trick I learned while trying to get a good time in the Raccoon Racing game, where landing on upward slopes with no bounce becomes really important.

I really enjoyed watching the video of your playthrough; you've really mastered a lot of movement tricks! Thank you so much for putting so much care into playing! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!
Posted by Billybobjoe198 11th November, 2018
Rated :

It's really a fun game, the engine is taken advantage of so well on the stages. If you were up for it I would say you should add 2 more levels of each mode and put it on steam. I've been playing clickteam product games for years and very few of them handle this well and have the graphics and sound design to make them feel like a true complete game like this one does.

I tried using your ending box tips and managed to get a 5,800, but the rest of my run wasn't great to I still tied my 47,700.
3,000 is easy to consistently get on the first starbox, but my recorded run I manged to get a 3,300, but I didn't slam at the peak of my jump on it, so maybe you can get some more out of it. The second starbox the best I've done is 1,500, but I typically can only manage a 1,400.

With the information we have, it looks like a 48,500 is the best possible score, but I wouldn't say that confidently yet, It seems to keep moving higher and higher.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 12th November, 2018
Rated :

I encountered a bug twice over the last couple of days playing.
It appears that if I hit the box at the minimum speed to break it, it has problems.
My first guess to fix it, if it even can be fixed would be to try using a fastloop for block breaking.

Here are two examples of the issue.

The second encounter of the bug was me trying to get the lowest score possible, which I think is 1,900. I have only managed 2,000 in a single run though.
Posted by Fifth 13th November, 2018

Ooh, that's a new bug! I'll have to do some troubleshooting to try to figure that one out. It might be similar to when you hit a grey block at such a speed that it cracks without breaking, or something. I'll look into it.

It would be a neat idea to try to make a finished game out of this. It's something I have considered. After all, it only took a month to make this much, so it shouldn't be TOO much work? I did make it super-easy to add new games to the select screen, at least.

Anyway, thanks again! Good luck with the low-score run! It's something I'd never thought about, so I have no idea what the minimum would be in this case.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 13th November, 2018
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I didn't expect to comment again,
But I found another bug. This one is easy to recreate.
If you're dead, and you press escape to return to the main menu, it will spawn you in sideways. I would assume you're storing position data for the objects making up the raccoon as global values, and you reset them all when the game sends you to the menu, but you missed resetting the angle of the torso when you press escape. That's just a shot in the dark though, I don't know how you're handling anything.
Posted by Fifth 15th November, 2018

Oh, fun!
That bug at least makes sense. All the raccoon parts are global objects so that the game doesn't have to load multiple versions per frame, and I do end up storing variables in some of them. But that also means these variables become global values, and that I have to keep track of that and clear them as necessary. And I must have missed the fact that you can use esc to exit out of a level when the player rotation modifier was in a weird state.

Good catch, thanks!
Posted by Ambrion 16th November, 2018
Rated :

What's also funny about this game is that you used the same font Scott Cawthon (Hill Gigas) frequently uses, and it's called ''Yellow Submarine''.
Posted by Yai7 23rd November, 2018

You got to sue him! AndyUK!
Posted by TheComicalMelon 28th December, 2018
Rated :

This game was pretty fun while playing! I did get slightly frustrated at some points, and playing with a keyboard definitely doesn't help. Gaining speed was a chore, and sometimes, I didn't really know what was going on. The art style is very pleasing, great job on that! The animation is smooth, and it works. Sometimes the bouncing around can get irritating, but hey, maybe I'm just bad at the game. Cheers on this game, it's extremely promising!
Posted by Ambrion 2nd May, 2019
Rated :

@TheComicalMelon I assume you meant by THE momentum mechanic, if it's about gaining constant speed and a wreckage of challenges waiting along. I love that type of games, because I can never get my self esteem off of their thirsty (Probably meant by innocent) ideas, thus making their gameplay cavity enjoyable






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