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Invisible Tower
Author: Fifth Submitted: 7th October, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 292

Edited By Fifth on 10/7/2007

This is a little game made in about two hours for Peblo's GotW challenge. It was also a sort of experimentation in scaling and rotating objects.

The goal is to try to climb as high as you can up the invisible tower. Press shift to jump and double-jump.
Fall off the bottom and it's game over, but don't give up if you start lagging behind.

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Posted by Torava 7th October, 2007

Ingenious idea! I got 17.4 meters.

Thumbs Up.
Posted by viva/volt 7th October, 2007

It's so hard! Nice game! Clever
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 7th October, 2007

Excellent concept. I got 16.1 meters. I only wish the game wasn't randomized, because it makes one more difficult that the other. And I wish that it was easier somehow to determine on which height a specific platform is, beside its size.

I hope you expand on this great idea.
Posted by Fifth 7th October, 2007

Heheh... thanks!
The randomization can be difficult, but I think it's possible to get around most of what it throws at you with a little double-jumping. But it does get tricky when you start falling too low...

Anyway, I altered the speed a bit so that it doesn't get so hard so quickly, at least. The escalation was a bit too harsh before.
Posted by Attan 7th October, 2007

22.9 m. Great idea! Gotw
Posted by Attan 7th October, 2007

Discovered the doubble jump, and got 48.3 m!
Posted by moshboy 8th October, 2007

Good stuff. I'd love to see a spiffed up version of this. Well done for the implementation.
Posted by thewreck 8th October, 2007

i think the game would be better without double jumping, and instead adapt it more to single jumping. Love the game idea, great feeling.
Posted by DaVince 8th October, 2007

I love this game. But it becomes too difficult too quickly...

Make this into a full-fledged game please!
Posted by Hempuli 8th October, 2007

Posted by CsaR 8th October, 2007

Quite fun actually. Like Icy Tower but harder . Thumbs up from me.
Posted by Bibin 8th October, 2007

Posted by BJ Turner 9th October, 2007

Pretty awesome.
Posted by Dzialo 9th October, 2007

Posted by Mr.Morgentwon 10th October, 2007

GOOD - 20
Posted by Airflow 11th October, 2007

54.5 - it's like playing flash I like!
Posted by AfterStar 11th October, 2007


Very nice game concept.
It gets pretty hard after a while.Always use double jumping it's much better than single jumping.
Posted by yaror44 12th October, 2007

Any menu, scores ?
Posted by Fifth 12th October, 2007

Not in a project of this size.
Heh, it would be interesting to try and make a complete game out of this, but I'm not sure how well it'd work...

Gwaha, my high score of 81.6 still stands!





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