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Easy Fastloop Movement
Author: Fifth Submitted: 24th June, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 453

This is just a really simple (but fairly effective) fastloop-based movement engine for MMF 1.5 (and above, I'd assume). You need only insert a small chunk of code into an application, and then any object with the Group.Good qualifier will be capable of moving around, using its alterable values A and C for horizontal and vertical movement (and a few more for various things; a complete list of values and flags used is inside the code).

And that's it!

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Posted by lembi2001 25th June, 2007

Fantasticly commented engine, one criticism though. You didn't explain your formula for Aterable Value A you just told us not to use it. Can i also make a request? Can you please show me how to make the collision box system?

Posted by Fifth 25th June, 2007

Actually, Podunkian's got a really nice collision box tutorial over at Total Klik :

...And you're referring to the formula in the quick-and-dirty movement? It's just adding 11 times the current speed to 1 times the maximum speed, then dividing it all by 12. It's just a quick way to get an object to accelerate slightly to a certain speed.
Posted by axel 26th June, 2007

Excellent engine. One thing though: It looks a bit silly when walking down slopes. It seems to do these small jumps instead of walking smoothly down the slope. I'm sure it could be fixed though, and I know how hard it is to do.

Anyway, thumbs up for you!
Posted by Torava 26th June, 2007

Wow, very good engine. Thumbs up.
Posted by ben mercer 3rd July, 2007

Pigs just did aerobatics
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 8th July, 2007

This is incredible, I love it. I havent seen anything like it on tdc actually, thanks.





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