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Review: Nothing (demo)
Author: Zombie New Human
Added: 24/06/2005

As soon as I started this one up, I said to myself "I have to review this." Even with the time that obviously went into both the custom platform engine and the character animation, I knew it'd be underrated, which would be an insult to the developer.

This game, if nothing else, has tons and tons of potential. From the large, non-linear world (think Metroid but less claustrophobic,) to the uniquely designed protagonist, the author could be on the verge of creating something really special. Many demos go unfinished around here; this is one I'd really like to see completed and developed to its fullest.

Gameplay so far remains pretty basic and true to the platforming genre, with a character who can run, jump, and attack. The engine is pretty solid, and I haven't found any glitches in my time with the game...impressive for anything created with a click product (I love it when people find ways around the fact that MMF is buggy as shit.) The open exploration is interesting; the world is made up of interconnecting levels which the player can go back and forth through. While this has been done before in click games (Eternal Daughter comes to mind) this particular game makes it all feel very natural, meaning you aren't going to encounter many odd floating landmasses in the middles of screens. Everything flows very well, and you get the feeling that you are actually exploring, as opposed to moving from level to level. Unfortunately, there isn't much of a point to finding anything or even defeating the enemies, as this is just a demo. But, just try and tell yourself that mowing through clouds of butterflies as a quadrupedal dog creature isn't fun, even for a few minutes.

Graphics are pretty stylish. The backgrounds feature parallax scrolling, carefully chosen colors, and a fair amount of detail. Characters may not look like much when they're standing still, but once they start moving, they are animated wonderfully. Some of the characters are only drawn in about 5 or six colors, and come off looking more like sprite bases, though they still look good in motion against the backgrounds. I think the main character started out as a Yoshi sprite, am I right?

There is no sound. I put on a la vie en rose album and left it alone.

To sum it all up, this game is worth attention. If the developer takes time and gets the most out of it possible, we could be looking at a very impressive and fun piece of software. In the meantime, let's look at it as it stands: an unfinished piece of art that's beginning to take the shape of something really cool.

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