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Titan Omega Revelations
Author: Dr. James MD Submitted: 13th May, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 571
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By jay white on 5/15/2004

Thousands of years ago mankind created a machine so powerful it could create a new world, this was named Project Genesis. Unfortunately it was lost in space, feared destroyed by a meteor or simply ceased to be... Things were actually much worse. Genesis became corrupted, it returned to destroy earth on many occasions. Genesis was eventually destroyed itself, and investigation teams were sent into the skeletal remains floating in orbit around the earth.

The true power behind the Genesis was never discovered... the Core; the very essence of the artificial creation process. The core had so much power, it launched the attack upon earth and had intentions and capabilities of a whole lot more. Originally thought to have been destroyed it wasn't until Earth was hit by a moon of Genesis that thought the core was nothing more than destroyed.

The hunt for the core continues...

JayTitan presents Titan Omega Revelations, the second game released in the Exodus series. Omega offers a different storyline to Titan Exodus 1 and 2, however all TE/Omega games take place after Genesis. This is NOT Titan Exodus 2 or a remake of Titan Exodus 1 (as originally planned). This is TEa, this is Omega Revelations.
This game features;

~ 13 Levels
~ 4 difficulty modes
~ 5 game modes
~ 4 CPU controlled team pilots
~ 360 weapon combinations in Omega mode
~ Level-ups
~ 70 weapons in Classic mode
~ Multiplayer capabilites
~ Unlockables (Game modes, new player crafts, cheats, concept art... etc)
~ 3 slot savegame
~ Real-Time clock
~ A vast story explained through cutscenes with references to religion and history
~ Soundtrack precisely crafted with tracks mixed or created by Jay

Unlockables include new weapons, levels, difficulty modes, cheats, new player crafts, minigames and 3 game modes.
**Sorry about the size of the download 56k users!**

**UPDATE** Patch uploaded, fixes all known problems (excpet slowdowns ) and speeds the game up a bit. (7mb)
the full download now contains the patched .EXE

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  (16mb )

Posted by Pete Nattress 13th May, 2004

/me downloads :D
Posted by Klikmaster 13th May, 2004

Wow, all those weapons ^_^ Me download!!!!
Posted by Pete Nattress 13th May, 2004

this is one of the most glitzy klik games i've ever played! expect a review soon.
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th May, 2004

lemme just say i only made 1 music track for this :) the rest are mixes which was just extending the play legnth. :)
Posted by The Chris Street 13th May, 2004

This is so freakin hard. Even in Easy Mode. You move so slowly, and there are too many enemies shooting too many projectiles. Still, thats in the first fifteen minutes. And I pressed the Space Bar in the first level, and entered some kind of level warp. If you reduced the number of enemies, this'd be amazing. I want to spend more time with this though. The graphics are probably the best I've ever seen in a klik game (yes, this means that Eternal Daughter has lost its top spot).
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th May, 2004

grr curse you circy now im gonna have to reupload it again XD
Posted by The Chris Street 13th May, 2004

rofl XD Maybe you should upload a N00b13 Edition, with less enemies. And I hate that cave level...
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 13th May, 2004

Bah! Winzip won't open it. I'll have to download it on another comp.
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th May, 2004

it probably wont d/l right for the next hour... 16mb on a 56k modem is not a pleasant experience
Posted by defenestrator 13th May, 2004

The graphics and presentation look outstanding, but unfortunately this runs way too slow for me. Maybe it's my crappy old computer, but man, how do you get a Click game to run this slowly in such a low resolution?
Posted by The Chris Street 13th May, 2004

haha it took me nearly two hours to just download Eternal Daughter when I had 56k... and that was only 9MB
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th May, 2004

defenstrator; go into extra's and turn the graphics to low quality. it pretty much removes parallax, particles and semi-transparent/XOR objects. ugly but it does help.
Posted by defenestrator 13th May, 2004

Looks like the game is supposed to be slow. ? Anyway, it gets a lot better once you get some powerups, but I got to the end of the Between Worlds level, and nothing was happening, so I tried to fly off the right side of the screen, and died. I enjoy being killed for flying off of the screen. :p
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th May, 2004

ah just 3 minutes until the new file is up :) sorry about the inconvenience Def: What probably happened is the boss wasnt created. it happens very rarely to me. just after the bit where you fly in between the ships it should go quiet. if nothing happens just hit the end of the screen and you'll start again right before the boss.
Posted by defenestrator 13th May, 2004

Well, it's happened both times I've gotten there. I don't understand what you mean by "hit the end of the screen." If you mean that I should move my ship off the screen, I've done that, and I die, and I have to start the level all over again.
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th May, 2004

do you get to the very end, past the 3 ships? this is weird ive just tested it and its fine
Posted by defenestrator 13th May, 2004

I get to a spot where red ships come in from the top and bottom. The screen stops scrolling. I deal with the red ships, and then nothing happens for a few minutes. The one of the side-moving red ships shows up (this last time I played it, two showed up). Then, nothing! It just sits there.
Posted by danjo 13th May, 2004

OVERALL, Very good. nice gfx. i felt let down by lack of atmosphere when playing - seemed audibly dull. circy - i wouldnt put this gfx above ED by any shot.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 13th May, 2004

He didn't finish uploading the new version while you finished, jonny, lol, happened to me several times. Luckily it takes 10 seconds to download 6 megs for me. Very good, the beginning intro is so good, i haven't seen such a pump-up styled intro in any game for a long time, like since Rondo of blood. Incredible, but the level design is somewhat annoying, and that players move really jerkily and the explosions and such animate way too fast. But its amazingly good overall. Hope it gets in next GOTW, and I hope you dont get many competitors.
Posted by defenestrator 14th May, 2004

Yeah, so I'm a perfect 5 for 5 on that level not working. Kind of disappointing.
Posted by BeanKing 14th May, 2004

seeeeemsssss GREAT
Posted by cake 14th May, 2004

Posted by Dr. James MD 14th May, 2004

try downloading the new version, cheating the 1st level isnt gonna help for level 2 (values and stuff). i tested it last night and its 100% fine, my beta testers reported nothing wrong either
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 14th May, 2004

awesome game! How did you do those special effects?! How did you do that fading text effect on the frame where it tells you the plot and how did you make that water effect in the first level? Teach me wise master! :D
Posted by Smeggy 14th May, 2004

I too think the Gfx are not above ED's standards. BUT it still is one awesome game and deserves a great deal of praise.
Posted by The Chris Street 14th May, 2004

That text effect was done using Chris Lightfoots Text Blitter Object... and I recognise that you borrowed one of the example files to do it ;)
Posted by Teapot 14th May, 2004

OMG JAY MARRY ME! We could move to Kentucky or...something. LOL. Haven't dled yet.
Posted by Chedich 14th May, 2004

This is one of the greatest click games EVER. Just one prob tho: if i shoot too much i can kill stuff that haven't come up on screen yet and then the scrolling freezes.
Posted by CYS 14th May, 2004

Plays tooo slow...but i'm quite sure it's the problem with my poor 899mhz computer.
Posted by Chedich 14th May, 2004

=/ I don't like the autosave when you start the game. I had one game where i had bought everything, and then i pressed 'new game' instead of continue. Now i would have to start all over again, but i'm too lazy to do that. great game anyway.
Posted by Dr. James MD 14th May, 2004

if you press new game by accident then just reset the game (F2) or shut it down. its not until the shop loads up in the new game when it saves... or alternatively just set the game to Autoload in the extra's menu. with that after you select a save file your taken straight to where you left it
Posted by Batchman 14th May, 2004

uhm i am at the 3 ship , sometimes the ship go out of the screen and you are locked there , or one time the game stopped immediatly
Posted by defenestrator 14th May, 2004

New version, same problem. Check it out:
Posted by Strife 14th May, 2004

FIVE game modes? Unlockable items? SEVENTY weapons?! That's quite a resume. :) I have GOT to try this baby out. I have a 56k modem, but I also have some time on my hands (and a downloading software that allows me to pause/resume downloads rather than starting over :p ). Welp, by the looks of it, Titan Omega is going to win the next GOTW award. Unless of course Fallen Angel Industries decides to make another cheap online game that hypnotizes people into voting for them. :p
Posted by Strife 14th May, 2004

Hmmmm... the download keeps stopping after 15 minutes, and I have to re-download it. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it just my connection?
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 14th May, 2004

Is there a button you can press to skip the intro? O_o
Posted by Dr. James MD 14th May, 2004

ESC skips the first screens before the load select, and a final ESC skips the intro animation (on the shot of earth)
Posted by danjo 14th May, 2004

well, i have (a) version that just gets to the big ship/thing at the end of LVL2 , and i defeat it, to have it crash out below screen. and thats the way the game stays forever. i have repeatedly tried, thinking a once of thing, but every time, its the same. i kill the lvl2 boss thing, and the game basically idles. i noticed 3 red dots that cycle continuously after the boss has gone. heres my thoughts after a lot more playing. yes its a little addictive, as what you start with is totally inadequate, but once you buy some upgrades, its much easier. the gfx upon further look, some of which is nice, some of which is very average. the effects, are well done, i especially like the "blur" effect when getting a weapon type thingo. now for some annoying points. i would have thought you would be able to make a little better GAME engine for this after making some many types of this game. - just exploding when reaching the edges of the screen is just wrong. maybe some exploding effects could have been tamed down a little as slowdown is pretty bad (when fighting bosses) and hundreds of particles are flying everwhere. i know you can turn down the settings, but it seems to run fairly ok for me in all places except for the bosses when i pound him with tons of weapons. now the AI of the helper ships is totally crap. the way it is now, they dont last that long, and have you wondering why the hell they are even there in the first place. if you've gone to the effort of including them, i think some more effort on there AI should be considered, as they tend to just crash into stuff and die fairly quickly.
Posted by Shadow99 14th May, 2004

I get stuck at the end of level 2 also. I get to the end where the red ships fly up and down, and after I kill them the game just sits there. I wait and wait. Ive tried leaving the screen on all sides and I just die. Listen to us, there is a problem.
Posted by Shadow99 14th May, 2004

Its a shame about that problem in level 2, I was really enjoying the game. Fix that bug and this will be lots of fun. Just make sure the old save games work with the corrected version.
Posted by KlikFactory 14th May, 2004

In Level 2 I am getting major major slowdown early on. It's not my computer- I played through most of the level fine, until suddenly it started slowing down horribly on me when I restarted once, and hasn't stopped. It's all at the same spot- before the red ships come from the top and bottom (the part with lots of enemies and two laser turrets). I believe it was after I bought the Rocket upgrade for the Hunter, if that's any help. It acts like you made an event that loops over and over and creates new objects- everything slows down, and soon after it doesn't allow any new objects to be created. With the slowdown, I got to the part where the red ships come up and down towards you. Of course, the ships didn't appear since no new objects could be created, and the level wouldn't go on from there. And Snerlin- esc skips the intro.
Posted by Teapot 14th May, 2004

I like it, but the allies piss me off.
Posted by cake 15th May, 2004

The player's ship is soooooooooooooooo slow :'(. I spent like 4000 bucks on engine upgrades and I move about 1.3 times the speed that the screen scrolls, which is slower than . I get up to the boss of level 2 (IT TAKES 15 MINUTES! NOT COOL) and then they go off the bottom of the screen and I'm left sitting there scratching my head wondering wtf is going on. There are just some red dots moving around where the boss should be. Its happened 4 (4 x 15 minutes = an hour of my life I regret) times out of 4. Fix this problem and I will enjoy it much more. Why are there no CHECKPOINTS?!?!!?
Posted by cake 15th May, 2004

That aside, the music is awesome, some of the graphics are truly beautiful, and the menu had be fascinated for about 5 minutes, hahaha. The problem is a massive gaping hole where the gameplay should be...
Posted by Jack Galilee 15th May, 2004

yea thers no speed the AIS really dont have a very AI like attitude to there lives and they seem to just hate being on your harddrive and the fact once you die thers no way the game rember were u last wer is REALLY REALLY Cheesy!
Posted by walter06 15th May, 2004

Only 4,5 min to download with 512 adsl but too slow on my very old computer.
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th May, 2004

ill upload a patch tonight which fixes the ships speed problems, might increase scrolling speed, and the level 2 bug. which still works totally fine on my laptop but it does crash on my desktop. old save files will be ok as they're external files saved into the games folder. the patch will be about 5mb, and the full 16mb download will contain the fixed .exe so if anyones thinking about commiting themselves to the download wait a few hours first, just to be safe :)
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th May, 2004

just fixed up a new version, uploading at the moment. Levels scroll faster, 2 new ship engine engine upgrades (much cheaper too, the final engine is now just 600 points) and ive stregnthed the code which gets the scrolling to continue in level 2. its 7mbs too
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 15th May, 2004

*Laughs at 56k users* 33 seconds on t3.
Posted by Prototailz 15th May, 2004

RPGMaker 2k sounds :I
Posted by Batchman 15th May, 2004

hey , i have discovered a second problem , i were buying upgrade while i tryed to pass trought the level 2 boss bug , i buyed "twice missile upgrade" , then it went slow on the way before the vertical red ship attack , and then after , i have exactly have the defenestrator's problem, it don't start scrolling
Posted by Djfuego 15th May, 2004

LOOKS GOOD! Code in joystick movement and I'll play it through. I hate playing these types of games without a PS controller.
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th May, 2004

you can use a controller, press CTRL+Y to configure it. what happens with that red ship problem is when the triggers value hits 10 it starts scrolling, on the patch i strengthened the code with if the value is greater or equal than 10. the patch fixes that
Posted by Batchman 15th May, 2004

oh , and lowering quality doesn't accelerate the game
Posted by Death Reaper X 15th May, 2004

Looks good but for some reason my comp keeps downloading only part of the zip :(
Posted by clwe 15th May, 2004

Mmm...I really, really want to like this game. The graphics look great, and (from what I've seen so far) it all goes together very well. It looks almost exactly like a shooter from the Megadrive or Snes. There's even an interesting plot, fitting for a space shoot-em-up. I was certainly impressed. However...the game just isn't fun to play. I'm sorry, but it's the sort of game that makes you want to put it down in the first ten minutes, because of how difficult it is to begin with. You start off with a peashooter (which is fair enough), but enemies in the first level take multiple hits to destroy, move quite fast and you haven't got a hope of avoiding some if you can't shoot them down. once you've died lots of times and bought some upgraded weaponary, you can start to make some real progress, but that's not the point. You basically need perseverance, not skill, to advance through the game. And that's not how it should be. It's a shame when there appears to be so much to unlock and see, but I'm not finding it enjoyable.
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th May, 2004

lowering the quality helps if you have a slow CPU as it removes all the system heavy objects, but if your computers too slow it wont do anything at all lol. it depends on how you look at it Clwe, i can get to the first boss firing less than 10 shots, its all about knowing enemy patterns and avoiding the green slug guys. that takes skill, but if u just wanna shoot then it has nothing at all.
Posted by clwe 15th May, 2004

I expect you to be able to do that, Jay - you're the creator :-P. Therefore, you're going to find it a good deal easier than us. While it's true that some shoot-em-ups almost demand you to memorise various patterns (like R-type), I don't think there should be so much emphasis on it early in the game. You should be able to get out of some new situations with quick reflexes/piloting skills as well, but the craft starts out a bit too slow for that. Let's just say I expect to be eased in a little, rather than slapped across the face...metaphorically speaking.
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th May, 2004

i wouldnt be suprised to see Biax trying to finish the game in as few shots as possible :)
Posted by Jack Galilee 15th May, 2004

20 ec for cable FATTY!
Posted by Patriarch 15th May, 2004

Hmmm... What do those red and orange little powerup things do? the orange one gave me 5 points... Also, there should be more save points in a level. I hate beating 70% of "Between Worlds", then dying, ad having to do it again. Also, another confusion: I was going to buy an engine upgrade (for 1700) and I had about 1900. there were about 5 engine upgrades left, and I bought one. It took out about 200, so i bought the rest. Was kinda weird.
Posted by defenestrator 16th May, 2004

Well, I'm glad you fixed the game. It was pretty good, but really irritating in parts. Not in a challenging way, just in an irritating for the sake of being irritating way. I mean, flying backwards? What the hell for? Just to piss me off? Anyway, good work overall. It's a hell of a lot better than what most people turn out. I'm looking forward to seeing what you turn out next.
Posted by cake 16th May, 2004

:D Getting the patch now... Thanks Dustin G. I'll try to make TE2 live up to expectations. :)
Posted by Batchman 16th May, 2004

hey wait a minute , i have a 2gHz comp , but when i try to continue with the slow game , it arrive at a point where the ennemy and i can't shoot , they must be object left who aren't destroyed somewhere ...
Posted by Batchman 16th May, 2004

yes but what about the object non destroyed ? , even with low quality ?
Posted by Wormware 16th May, 2004

WOW really nice!! Gotta review that one :D But first I've got to play it a bit more to give my full opinion.. NIce job :D :D
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th May, 2004

Dustin G: this is pretty much the same game as TE2 except Biax's has better graphics and probable fewer bugs. Arcade mode works near identical to his Defenstrator: R-Type 3 had a part where you moved backwards for the sheer hell of it, its called variation. those people who spent the first few levels buying forward weapons and getting the Direct upgrade just wasted (a bit of) thier time, making the player adjust keeping them on thier toes. Area 55/UN Squadron also had a backwards level. :)
Posted by AnnieFannie 16th May, 2004

It doesnt work! I download, and about 26 percent done it says its finished and winzip gives me the crap about the unexpected end of archive. I wanted to play this game!
Posted by danjo 16th May, 2004

um - why cant i select normal or harder games? i have beaten easy level.
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th May, 2004

only on Omega Mode are difficulties unlocked, it says a number of times in the readme that Arcade mode dosnt touch the save file
Posted by Patriarch 16th May, 2004

I'll state my post again because no one responded: Hmmm... What do those red and orange little powerup things do? the orange one gave me 5 points... Also, there should be more save points in a level. I hate beating 70% of "Between Worlds", then dying, ad having to do it again. Also, another confusion: I was going to buy an engine upgrade (for 1700) and I had about 1900. there were about 5 engine upgrades left, and I bought one. It took out about 200, so i bought the rest. Was kinda weird.
Posted by defenestrator 16th May, 2004

Jay: I don't have a problem with variation; I have a problem with forcing people to do something idiotic just for the sake of variety. Obviously, if my weapons are forward mounted, I would simply turn around after destroying the gigantic skeleton. If I could fly backwards, I would also like to be able to do it earlier in the game when it would be to my advantage to do so. The problem is that I got stuck with the "vertical" upgrade and didn't have enough forward-facing firepower to destroy the first set of wires before I rammed my ship into them and died. Why wouldn't I just slow down? It's called "lack of control."
Posted by KlikFactory 16th May, 2004

Most of the Engine Upgrades are cheaper than it says they are.
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th May, 2004

count that as a blessing my son the Red object lets you drop bombs, the orange one adds to your points.
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th May, 2004

defenstrator: you obviously dont like this game, so why are you playing it? :S
Posted by KlikFactory 16th May, 2004

I got to the Deimos level, and it's just a blue backround. I waited a long time and nothing happens. Also when I got a Game Over, it sent me to the Entrance World level (where I go forward, then after beating that part I go backwards).
Posted by KlikFactory 16th May, 2004

It's an addicting game though, too bad about these bugs =/
Posted by Davide Mascolo 16th May, 2004

I was waiting this game with impatience, and sadly it's one of the biggest disappointments I had in recent times. It looked like a big competitor to (if not a killer of) Mig's Last Defender, and a good western alternatives to some wonderful freeware shooters made by Japanese programmers. The launcher is a nice touch. The intro and music made me exhalted, all the menus are done with style; the perspective of lots of extras made me drool. So, after the Neo-Geo style explanation of controls, and I start playing... And all collapsed, revealing the game to be the same old Titan Exodus, only better for the eye - but not for the heart and mind, unfortunately. Over-resistant enemies, the same extremely stupid, useless wingmen, bad collisions. It's not difficult, i'ts just unfair and frustrating. Why, even after I memorized the patterns, I keep dying just for a little error, or for an enemy my stupid weak gun wasn't able to kill before it crashed against me? What I hate, is that such poor gameplay makes all the other efforts by Jay wasted. TOR is like some rotten aliment that was incredibly spiced to cover the bad taste - but the cook didn't succeed. A missed chance to make a killer app. However, if the engine can't be fixed (but dying because you touched the left edge of the screen, oh my), I think at least the enemies should be made MUCH weaker. This way, the game could become much fairer, less frustrating, and ultimately funnier to play, because right now it's the fun factor it lacks.
Posted by Sakeido 16th May, 2004

This game is no fun. Super Ken Senshi looks nicer, plays faster and is over more fun then this game. Last Defender doesn't look quite as nice but is more fun and plays at something quicker then a snail's pace. Seriously, I think this game is stuck in permanent slow-mo.
Posted by Snakesoft 16th May, 2004

Nice slideshow, my 900mhz computer has been very happy with this. 8)
Posted by ChrisB 16th May, 2004

I was very disappointed. It could've been so much better.. it's just way too slow for me. It starts off VERY SLOW (keep playing for 20 mins to get a decent ship? no thanks!), runs slowly with all the semitransparencies, and is buggy as hell. Not to mention unforgiving. A great demonstration of how good Click games can look, but a poor example of gameplay. I'll think I'll stick to Last Defender, thank you.
Posted by cake 16th May, 2004

"this is pretty much the same game as TE2 except Biax's has better graphics and probable fewer bugs. Arcade mode works near identical to his" I would have to disagree. The gameplay is paced completely differently in TE2.
Posted by defenestrator 16th May, 2004

Jay: I'm not playing it. I'm offering criticism. If you don't like criticism, why did you upload your game to a site which offers reviews and criticism?
Posted by danjo 16th May, 2004

"only on Omega Mode are difficulties unlocked, it says a number of times in the readme that Arcade mode dosnt touch the save file " I AM USING OMEGA MODE... im just about at my tether with this program. i have given it more than usual chance to prove its worth, and all i see is Unclear issues with this in every department!
Posted by Kingson 17th May, 2004

Man this could have been such a great game but the gameplay sucks. All depends on fire power and if you get the f***ing vertical shot in the 4th level youre done because you wont get another! Even if I have unlimited + 1 lives I couldnt beat the game.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 17th May, 2004

Hello. Here I am to ruin your day again. I just love it when I play random SNES games and find graphics you've traced Jay. I love it even more when you deny that you've traced graphics, better not do that this time since you even ripped some. If it makes you feel better I can be so nice to let you call me jealous as well. Thank you and good night.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 17th May, 2004

Oh, and would you tell me where I've seen that stone tile you so frequently use in the game, I just can't figure it out but I recognise them...
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th May, 2004

im just wondering... if so many people dont like it how come they are getting up the Mars levels? im not trying to have a go at you all but something is keeping you playing; what on earth is it?
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 17th May, 2004

Dunno. Lack of other things to do? I myself only played it for about a minute because the pace of it was the worst I've ever experienced.
Posted by The Chris Street 17th May, 2004

Its three days since this was uploaded at TDC, and I still can't get past the first twenty seconds or so XD So I've tried to refrain from making any comments on this game, because I still can't any anywhere on it XD. The only comment I will make is that its slowness could be TORs biggest downfall :(
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th May, 2004

why must i always prove myself with you Zerotau? i have no idea how to trace on a computer, what do i do? get 2 tft screens one on top of the other? no, i didnt trace. i used the R-Type 3 ship to help with lighting but other than that its purely my own design, or at least i think so which is pretty much all that matters to me. "actually if you look very carefully at the explosion gfx it isn't the same" says a DC admin on messenger. :) its not a rip, it never was and never will be. neither explosion nor ship.
Posted by ChrisB 17th May, 2004

Zero: He says this game was inspired by R-Type (see graphics) and Disposable Hero (shop system, can't go past level 4 on easy mode). More like copied, but I don't mind that so much. What I do mind is that the level design is dreadful (something as easy as putting a Basic gem at the start of level 4), the AI is awful, and the difficulty is dire. It's almost like he never actually played the game - I mean, you can't turn around when the screen scrolls backwards? YOU DIE WHEN YOU TOUCH THE EDGE OF THE SCREEN? I can't believe this went though beta testing, seriously.
Posted by Batchman 17th May, 2004

i don't know for the other , but for me i would like to like this game ! it's so disapointing where you are on a level and it stop scroll, you downloaded what it seemed a great game and you want to enjoy it this game need betatesting
Posted by Shadow99 17th May, 2004

This game kicks the shiite out of Super Ken Senshi. It does feel slow at first but I made to the forth level anyway. I don't think the speed it unreasonable. Enemies are slow too, so its balanced. Aside from the glitch in level 2 (which is now fixed), this game is bulletproof. Seriously, if you hate this so much, so back and take a good took at Super Ken Senshi. It looks like hell compared to this. It had no bosses either. I am only one DC'er, but I say that my opinion is worth more than five of these other brainwashed sheep following eachother in circles with their comments. This is a well made game.
Posted by Steve Harris 17th May, 2004

You guys are a hoot! It's hilarious how your all slagging it off and (at the time of writing) it's 45 votes clear of any game...! and don't give me any crap about it being the only decent game, anyone downloaded Tinmen Red Lite? I like the game Jay, it's good. People seem to forget that what we do is a hobby and we are not pro's... the games we make now are stepping stones to being a pro (well hopefully! :p)
Posted by Zane 17th May, 2004

this is an excellent game. yes it has faluts and is VERY hard, but ask yourself this.....could you do better?
Posted by Hamish M 17th May, 2004

Posted by cake 17th May, 2004

ZeroTau: "Oh, and would you tell me where I've seen that stone tile you so frequently use in the game, I just can't figure it out but I recognise them..." They are based off the rocks in Titan Exodus 2, which in turn are based off Metal Slug:
Posted by danjo 18th May, 2004

thanks for that pic zero. well, jay. indeed you didnt trace it. BUT, what you DID do, was cut that sprite and remodel it, as in move a piece 1 or 2 pixels up or down. then you went over the remodel sprite just changing the colours. i chopped both images of zeros up in photoshop, and overlayed parts, and they are identical pixel for pixel. This is also EXACTLY what you did with those explosions. you just took the original sprite and drew over the top of it with different colours. The pixel groupings are identical. there are points of reference on both sprites show, that appear in exact same spots all over the place. cant say co-incidence for over 90% pixel perfect placement. besides, this point doesnt bother me, i just checked to see if zero was right. i did play the game thru to the end, as i thought it wasnt as hard as soem people are saying, but i did play OMEGA mode on easy. i cannot play it on any harder mode?? as i wanted to see all those snow levels, which are locked away. anyway, i know they were based of metal slug, so maybe they are rips from some console version perhaps?
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th May, 2004

to be honest i dont really care about the negative feedback from this. this game was made for a final project at college on a multimedia design course, not a game making course. i didnt even need to upload this, all i had to do was show this to get my grade (incidently i got a distinction XD) which is also the reason why it wasnt fully betatested, the deadline was approaching and i had to finish this off swiftly. now i could go on to completely finish it with the other ideas i had such as online multiplayers, online scoreboard, level editor but its pointless because ive achieved my aim with this game, to get the highest grade possible in a british college.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 18th May, 2004

That's a grade that was well deserved!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th May, 2004

well your teacher probebly looked most at the menu etc.. witch definitly deserv top grades :P but the game is realy anoying.. i had to keep playing forever to get enugh upgrades to clear first level, and on second level i made it really far.. but then it split up over and under these huge rocks and it was 100% imposible to get trough all the shots! have anyone cleared that??
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th May, 2004

actually the tutor had a CD of it over the weekend, came back and had completed up to Hard mode saying she hadnt slept much. the way i coded is was that you have to complete the previous modes to get to hard mode, not watch the menu for 48 hours
Posted by colej_uk 18th May, 2004

This is great work. Co-op multiplayer would be fun, hint, hint :D
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th May, 2004

there is a co-op multiplayer, select the 2 player option in the Extra's menu. Player 2 can either be the red ship, or the hunter bot!
Posted by Kåre Kølle Johansen 19th May, 2004

shit! SHIT! that machine.... im all freaked out here people :O
Posted by jast 19th May, 2004

"ive achieved my aim with this game, to get the highest grade possible in a british college." I'm sure you didn't tell your teacher that you neither menaged to create your own graphics nor used a "real" programming language.
Posted by defenestrator 19th May, 2004

I'm not sure he would care. Seriously, is this thing personal? Because I just can't figure out what this militant crusade about the originality of the graphics is all about.
Posted by Pete Nattress 19th May, 2004

i don't see why you need to use a real programming language. the way you get to a solution is irrelevant, as long as the soultion is functional.
Posted by Dr. James MD 19th May, 2004

there does appear to be some crusade against certain game makers XD i cant believe how pathetic that is really, i mean is this hobby? last time i checked im sure it was ;) but im on a design course, not a programming course. its all about looks and form not how well you can type
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 19th May, 2004

Jay... I don't have the words to explain the stupidity of what you just said... maybe someone else will because I won't even bother.
Posted by ChrisB 19th May, 2004

Nope, I can't be bothered either. But I WILL review it, to even out the average score (if you're lucky) and to give me my 'Addicted to DC' rating.
Posted by cake 19th May, 2004

Programming has nothing to do with how well you type. Its just coincidental that good programmers usually can type pretty bloody fast. Congrats on you mark Jay, but I feel we all copped the rough end of the stick with this game, sure it looks great, top marks, but it plays very badly because of the difficulty curve, so we are all sitting here having a spastic trying to play through the game on Easy, then on Medium, then on whatever, I just want to go straight to Hard, dammit!
Posted by ThePodunkian 19th May, 2004

Inconsistent graphics + Crappy, crappy coding = Crappy, crappy game.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 19th May, 2004

ZeroTau's right. Take the explosion from TOE that he posted, rotate it, and you'll see precise similarities with the one from R-Type 2 except for a few tones of colour changes. The pixels fit over the top of eachother perfectly, and that can't be just a coincidence. For example, look at the cluster of 2x2 pixels in the center of the explosion, it's replicated in the other but rotated. The half-moon style explosion is also exactly the same, the pixels line up pretty much perfectly. It looks like a few colours and a couple of pixels were changed at most. The ship does look different but you can fit certain features over the top of the other ship and they are exactly the same in terms of shape and where the colours change. The rear fin is about all that's been moved, and a single line or so of pixels is missing from the cockpit area, that's all. If the explosion is not traced or copied directly, and if that ship isn't just an edited sprite, then I'm Mary Poppins. By the way Jay, I have nothing against you or your games. I just thought that I would point out that ZeroTau was right.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 19th May, 2004

Oh, Danjo bet me to it.
Posted by jast 20th May, 2004

"im on a design course, not a programming course" So why didn't you go and design something on your own??
Posted by Rhys D 20th May, 2004

No shit. If I were your teacher and I knew that the art wasn't original, your mark would be somewhere around the low D's.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 20th May, 2004

Jay, you seem to think it's impossible for people to dislike your games. Now you go and say that a crusade is out to get you? Well, if that's true it has to be for a reason. Maybe that you trace graphics from SNES games but never give credit (MAYBE if enough people tell you that you should, and enough people is about a thousand people), or maybe it's just that you need to work harder on gameplay and also test your games on slower systems. But someday I hope you can admit to yourself, you are not flawless. At all.
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th May, 2004

actually it was defenstator who pointed out some crusade thing. funny how its just the same people who keep posting? hmmmmmmmm ;)
Posted by Rhys D 20th May, 2004

Posted by Willy C 20th May, 2004

I cant get past the first moon on mars, Deimos. The scroller just stoppes.
Posted by Shadow99 20th May, 2004

BUG ALERT!!!! BUG ALERT!!! BUG ALERT!!! Pat me on the back for making it to level 4, then kick yourself in the ass for not letting me through. At the start of level 4 I have to quickly destroy a coil of wires before they touch me. Unfortunatly with my weapon set (I invested in homing missles for instance, which dont help me destroy the coils) I cant destory the coils in time. I also had a fire pattern which shoots up and down, so I lose firepower there. I destroyed it the first time I got there with my diagonal shot equipped. But now with the default up/down shot, it is impossible. You should at least give players more money for crashing into it so eventually they can upgrade to some more helpful weapons. I just happened to spend all of my money on the very items that dont help in that spot. Im screwed. Abort.
Posted by X_Sheep 20th May, 2004

It doesn't work anymore when I destroy the level 2 boss :(
Posted by X_Sheep 20th May, 2004

Oh never mind, the patch fixed it already ;)
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th May, 2004

i released a patch for that X_sheep
Posted by The Chris Street 20th May, 2004

Lets keep the peace dudes :P
Posted by X_Sheep 20th May, 2004

I said never mind :P But now it gives a different bug somewhere before the boss in level 2 :( It lags a lot and you can't shoot anymore :( (object limit)
Posted by Vanloon 20th May, 2004

Excellent game btw, I am still playing on easy so I not sure what it's like with lives, but I am a big fan of making games without lives so that it can be hard but you never have to replay from too far back.
Posted by ChrisB 20th May, 2004

Shadow99: If possible, cheat using an autofire controller (I did), but you can just keep trying and get 10000 for a laser upgrade.
Posted by Shadow99 21st May, 2004

I shouldn't have to die over and over intentionally collecting $10 per try until I can afford things to get past the entrance to level 4. That is stupid. These things should have been considered. I spent a lot of time and money upgrading homing shots and orbital ships, and I got screwed over. Thumbs down.
Posted by Kingson 21st May, 2004

Btw the 2 players mode is also full of bugs, for example in Level 2 the ship of the 2nd player is always destroyed at start and in level 4 the hunter bot isnt there. Did someone beat the 4th level?
Posted by AnnieFannie 22nd May, 2004

I reviewed this game, I gave it a 5/5 review, this is a great game.
Posted by AfterStar 23rd May, 2004

Great Game!Has very good presentation,Graphics,an ok music&sounds and i don't know about you guys but the game runs SMOOTHLY on my dad's laptop!(P4 1.4Ghz,256ram,ATI Raedon Mobility 7500...)! However it does RUN extremely slow on my P3 500Mhz,512ram,GeforceMX440SE 128mb....) so i suppose the game need a machine faster than 1Ghz for smooth play! One Thing i found negative was the DIFFICULTY! On Very Easy MODE its extremely Difficult because of all the rocks,units&projectiles flying around ignoring THE ROCKS which give a GREAT UNFAIR ADVANTAGE for the "bad guys"! And that 1 hit - DIE system you have its rather frustrating! Overall giving it a 7/10(3 points down for no fun-gameplay!)
Posted by AfterStar 23rd May, 2004

WARNING:SPOILER AHEAD! Ok,for all you weeping guys shouting loud about the difficulty!(Including my self ) Now that i played it more i figured out how to make the game much easier! 1)BUY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE THE ANTI-GROUND SHIELD($750)....THAT WAY when colliding with rocks don't lose,just short-bounce! 2)BUY all engine upgrades as soon as possible,they are MUCH cheaper than the price indicated! 3)USE GAMBLING OPTION AT YOUR OWN ADVANTAGE! Make about $500 or some more killing stuff! Now put all money to gamble!Just when you start gambling click ALT and be READY TO click F4 in case you are sure the ball is going to the lose side! IF you are gonna LOSE CLICK ALT+F4 which close the application,THIS WAY your MONEY are safeguarded! DO NOT BUY new stuff......because having more money to gamble means faster money income! Gamble and Gamble until you think you have enough money....say 150.000?! 4)UPGRADE YOUR WEAPONRY AT FULL! HAVE FUN,well if you can...Since the game(NOT THE SHIP) is moving REALLY at a slow rate(No slowdowns,its just the way the game is made! Please Jay Fix this by increasing the screen move to the Right - OR alternative idea have a button during the game that increase/decrease movement of the screen to the right....of course putting a limit to min/max!
Posted by AfterStar 23rd May, 2004

Also i can't have much fun BECAUSE at some point of the game,i can't shoot anything,nor can the enemies,because MMF reached its object limit i suppose.....hence making it extremely difficult to bypass the enemies! Can't you do anything to FIX this Jay? *(Also please read above comment at the end for another problem)
Posted by cake 23rd May, 2004

LMAO nice work AfterStar, your a beta-testing dream-come-true :). Could I get you to beta test Titan Exodus 2 when its finished?
Posted by cake 23rd May, 2004

Um, all scrolling absolutely stops on Deimos. VERY ANNOYED right now
Posted by AfterStar 24th May, 2004

Oh and ZeroTau[FA] i'm sure you CAN'T DO better than Jay or don't have anything else do to that's why you weeping! In my opinion most(maybe 100%) of Jay's Graphics are ORIGINAL in a sort of way!Yes Jay DID design the GFXs but using the following method: Having other games' screenshots/pictures on the right and slowly creating "new" GFXs on the left as he did with those Zelda chickens in Shikun! Am i right Jay? AND this is a VERY GOOD EXAMPLE of GFX/Pixel pics making! "The best teacher is experience" and....Biax is that beta-tester position still open?hehehe :) just joking!
Posted by AfterStar 24th May, 2004

Lol! I got 300.000 and now i'm unbeatable....! At first it was extremely difficult......and NOW is so easy...that it gets boring! Jay have the weaponry upgrades be available at later stages of the doesn't necessary to have them all available from the start! E.x. After each Boss defeated You get extra equipment available by your scienticts or something...this will help to prevent making the game extremely easy afterwards! Another idea:Add a health-bar to your spaceship! -Add extra healing-power-ups,invurnability for a few sec.,Destroy all in screen! Also you could have a new HEALTH-UPGRADE and/or a repair mechanism that slowly heals you(Like in Starwars ) All those ideas ably to Biax too,if he wants to use them! ...............Biax:How much % is TO2 completed
Posted by cake 25th May, 2004

Since Jay is giving clicking up I would suggest Titan Genesis will never get made. The time line in the series is something along the lines of: Titan Exodus->Titan Exodus 2 And Titan Omega Revelations is set in a different dimension, completely separate from the series and in consequential to the storylines of the other games.
Posted by Josh Whelchel 31st May, 2004

This is a very nice game. I don't bash too heavily simply because of inspired graphics... I know if Jay wasn't so rushed he'd probably be able to do 100% original work. School is that way, take it from a student. At any rate, I'm sad that an original composer was not contacted... and even more sad that credits to the individual musicians was not given in the game or even in a readme. Try to fix that next time around (; Other than that, it's hard... but enjoyable.
Posted by JFM 3rd June, 2004

Does this game really run this slow? I have just tried playing it on a P4 3Gz machine with 1Gb of memory and even in windowed mode I see stuff that's far slower than the original 64/Spectrum/whatever version. Is there no way to speed it up? Looks great - plays like a brick...
Posted by Rik 24th June, 2004

" "actually if you look very carefully at the explosion gfx it isn't the same" says a DC admin on messenger. its not a rip, it never was and never will be. neither explosion nor ship. " what, even though the two explosions pictured are EXACTLY the same, just one of them is a mirror image of the other? i challenge you to horizontally flip yur explosion and come up with anything that isnt exactly the r type explosion. why must you lie about such a blatantly obvious rip? anyway i think the game is really good once you get past the impossible hardness that is the first few tries. most games this hard i get fed up with and give up, but i never really got frustrated with this game so well done. the only thing that pissed me off was the fact that hitting the edge of the screen kills you, i mean, WTF?
Posted by Tomssuli 2nd July, 2004

Greeeeeat! =) This is something for a hardcore arcade shooter! 8)
Posted by kilboi 2nd August, 2004

Looks great for a game that had its GFX ripped from the far superior creator of Titan Exodus 2. DOnt even bother getting this. Wait For TE2!!!! TRUST ME!
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th August, 2004

lol the graphics arnt ripped. me and Baix are in a, dare i say, team with the Titan series. each one of us runs the the story and everything is explained. he showed me how to make graphics in the style of TE2 so the series could fit together. besides the series was started by me :D misuier killboi
Posted by cake 16th August, 2004

lol. killboi, always stirring trouble...;)
Posted by Tomssuli 20th September, 2004

Hmm... in omega mode level 5, Mars i think... In the beginning the game scrolls for a while and then stops... Then nothing happens. No enemies appear and the screen wont scroll. If you go over any edge of the screen, you'll be destroyed. Too bad =(
Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd November, 2004 the new one.






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