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Paintwar 4: Crossfire
Author: Dr. James MD Submitted: 8th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 311

Edited By Jay (NewKlear) on 7/19/2004

Edited By jay white on 1/31/2004

Edited By jay white on 12/15/2003

The last in my Paintwar series.

you play as a soldier who has no stats and only one low-end weapon. you jump into a randomly generated arena with 3 enemies of varying difficulties. each one you kill gives you so many points. they can be spent on stats or weapons.

its a small game, fun for an hour or 2 maybe! many weapons too. it saves your progress too so you can always come back after! enjoy!

features a whole load of weapons, all of different weights (depending on your strength level). Head stats are your health, body stats are your armour and legs is your overall speed.

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Posted by Jetstar 9th December, 2003

no screenshots....... not many ppl are going to download this game only 10 so far..... but i did XD
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th December, 2003

I know but im doing all this in my spare time, which isnt much :( dont have time for screenshots and stuff :(
Posted by Dark One 9th December, 2003

I can't fully upgrade my arms, legs, and body. I got my head fully upgraded but not my arm, legs, and body stats won't go up, I have 200 credits now so...
Posted by Blackgaze 10th December, 2003

so many downloads..
Posted by Jetstar 10th December, 2003

did'nt like it fun for a minute or two might reveiw XD
Posted by Bruce Juice 10th December, 2003

it got boring once i got the lazer gun and just shot everyone. hahahahaha. die little orange dude.
Posted by Dr. James MD 11th December, 2003

yer its only small, it was actually part of PW3 but i never added it in, but that version had more stuff. it was more like the Chao Garden on the Sonic Advance series how you raise a little critter up and give it a gun for battle... meh
Posted by DasGuy 12th December, 2003

hard at first but once you get the AK its to easy. Need to make harder levels as you advance that would make it better.
Posted by Shoeman56 12th December, 2003

what the hell is this hunk of crap it sucked
Posted by cake 14th December, 2003

Impressive, now release your anger; you must sense that your friends are in danger!
Posted by Sam_The_Ninja 15th December, 2003

lol wtf shoeman you n00b
Posted by akim 30th August, 2004

great game but how much does it cost to upgrade arms?
Posted by [DELETED] 21st June, 2009
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I have to admit this is still one of my favourite click games for some reason, it's just simple and fun.






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