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Jay's Bulk Zip Extractor!
Author: Dr. James MD Submitted: 26th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 386

This is just a fairly useful and no-nonsense Zip file extractor. if you dont have registered WinZip or whatever other zip app's then download this and forget about it until needed . no nag screens or wizards, just a no questions asked unzipper.

A few days ago I found an old CD i made full of Unreal Tournament goodies, hundreds of zip files. i tried using the Windows unzipper but hell the wizard took a long time. so i made this to speed things up. and yea, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

the readme in the download explains how to use this. just type in the directory and password (if needed) and drag the zip file(s) in.

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Posted by J.J 26th September, 2004

bah :)
Posted by DaVince 27th September, 2004

Don't need it
Posted by Dr. James MD 27th September, 2004

fair play. there are probably only 3 people in the world who do need it. and non have internet connections :o
Posted by Gamer 27th September, 2004

Oh, thanks. Sometimes I get huge split files and it's a complete bitch unzipping all of them.
Posted by Silveraura 28th September, 2004

but the interesting thing is, if the thing had no graphics, those 3 wouldnt even use it.
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th September, 2004

Posted by Nicholas Heer 2nd January, 2005

I really need it. I am a graphic designer and I jsut reformatted my hard drive and accidentely forgot to backup my 2300 fonts. So I have to go and re-download all of them....
Posted by His Royal Highness 14th September, 2006

... but its IN a zip folder ... to get it out I need a zip extractor, but if i have a zip extractor wtf do I need this for then?





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