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Satan Sam
Author: Dr. James MD Submitted: 8th December, 2003 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 534

Edited By Jay (NewKlear) on 7/19/2004

Edited By jay white on 1/31/2004

A rather buggy but stylish platformer. you play as Sam, son of the devil. and basically aliens have invaded hell! yea its like Doom in reverse. well anyways you play through 20+ levels gathering up special powers along the way.

-known bugs-
Level 4, dont fall off the level!
dosnt save. but its not a HUGE game

20+ levels
4 different powers (saiyan, ice, fire, ki)
modified built-in platform movement with many moves (experiment by holding keys, jumping, crouching etc there are many to list!)
just 1 boss

enjoy! -Titan!

-+-sequel coming out next year-+-

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Posted by Airflow 9th December, 2003

Screenies please?
Posted by Zane 9th December, 2003

LOTS of downloads. on the 4th level, if you fall down the ledge, hold down shift and right and youll be able to get up again. great game dude
Posted by kreature 9th December, 2003

Nice work, but it's pretty buggy. Doesn't seem like you've tested it before you released it.
Posted by Kirby Smith 9th December, 2003

Those are some awesome particle effects. To be honest, I can't think of a Klik game I've played with better. Really, the entire graphics style of the game is just plain friggin' cool. Gameplay's a tad buggy in places, but you already know that. Aside from the bugs, however, it's a lot of fun. Good work!
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th December, 2003

I did rush this game towards the end cuz i handed it in for a college project. there are problems but rather than fix them im gonna be making a sequel! infact the engine is done, this time there are 2 characters on screen at once, Sam (as u know him) and Alien (for the thinking player) but is made with the built in platform movement... its time i went custom :D i can probably do that now
Posted by Cazra 9th December, 2003

There are colleges that have game making classes?
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th December, 2003

im doing multimedia at college, involves a bit of game making every so often
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 10th December, 2003

this is a nice game! :)
Posted by cake 11th December, 2003

i think the only huge issue is the movement. Also Sam's later powers are pretty pointless, but they look cool. SatanSam 2 sounds like its gonna be very cool!
Posted by Snakey [Ragnarok Games] 13th December, 2003

The movement sux the game is awsome keep working kido! Nice job
Posted by istvan 10th January, 2004

this game certainly does not desereve its thumbs down rating.
Posted by Rhys D 17th February, 2004

or people that don't like the game...idiot
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th February, 2004

2 reviews with 7/10 and 99% of comments posted are positive against 52% thumbs down... nope there are just people with grudges :)
Posted by Rhys D 26th February, 2004

the engine is shit, the graphics aren't too good either. so i guess they are just people with grudges, you fucking moron.
Posted by Rhys D 28th February, 2004

Wow, most of the reviews for Milber 2 had the same (good graphics). So no, it's not jealousy, its the fact that some people, (oh gosh) might not like your game. It's a user opinion on the game, which these comments are for. So if you don't like it, I dunno, go lock yourself in your room and cry like a bitch for a while. Most of all, get over it!
Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd March, 2004

cheers VoodoYoshi :) another 8/10 for graphics
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 2nd March, 2004

What's your problem jay? Can't accept critisism? Of course many people are gonna think your game is crap as well. Maybe the reason why you had so many positive comments was because the people who liked it cared enough to comment, whilst the people that hated it just didn't wanna bother. And those graphics, you just traced off Yoshi's Island and made it painfully red.
Posted by Zane 2nd March, 2004

theres so much rage on this site. you guys should relax, youll live longer.
Posted by Dr. James MD 5th March, 2004

there is a lot of rage. for gods sake game making is a hobby! hehe its funny when people argue at you :) but anyways ZeroTau, i actually never heard of Yoshis Island until 2 months after finishing this game so graphical likeness is purely coincidental
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 7th March, 2004

First of all I don't believe you when you say you DIDN'T rip Yoshi's Island. It's just too similar. And second, if it's a hobby and you don't want comments on it, don't fucking post it here! Of course you'll get bad comments and the bad comments is what makes you evolve. Can't see that you will, then.
Posted by Dr. James MD 7th March, 2004

yea bad comments are one thing but "the engine is shit, the graphics aren't too good either" is a wee bit over the top dont you think?
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 8th March, 2004

I wrote a comment on Klik-Me but it was deleted so I'm telling you here; you have issues. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the meaning of being big-headed but here's some interesting quotes: "numerous people on a more 'arty' games forum have stated it has the best style of any click game, even getting itself published in semi-national newspaper. oh and both them reviews have had 8/10 for graphics... [HMMMMmmm jealousy is such a terrible thing]" "probably done by people with [grudges]... for shame" "2 reviews with 7/10 and 99% of comments posted are positive against 52% thumbs down... [nope there are just people with grudges]" "[must I correct you everytime, JD?]" You deny being big-headed, but hey, you can't deny it. These are perfect examples of what I mean. CAN YOU SEE IT NOW? This is what being big-headed is. You think that because one review from a magazine gave your graphics 8/10 that's the law. To you everyone has to think that way otherwise they're just having temporary issues and actually love it but they're too jealous to say it. That's being big-headed and NAIVE. And the comment "the engine is shit, the graphics aren't too good either" is not over the top, that's that person's opinion. If you seriously cannot understand that people might not like your game I feel sorry for you, just as you felt sorry for us when we had our "grudges".
Posted by Dr. James MD 14th March, 2004

lol mate relax. im just being defensive. natural reaction too "the engine is shit". Being of 'slight' intelligence i much prefare constuctive critisism yea? Like you said yourself, i need to listen to comments to evolve. You cannot evolve off something with less than 5 words. Agree? I also thought RhysD was much better than that. And i was told by a respected (at least i think so) member that people usually have grudges at this place, ie. if you give someone a bad review. And that someone was jealous because i had professional work. So before taking it out on me take a look around, i was pretty much told everything about this place by numerous peeps. Also, on KlikMe, you said that I shall never earn your respect? and you call me big headed... you must have a pretty high opinion of yourself ;)
Posted by Lazernaut 14th May, 2004

The game itself is great, really well done and everything...totally proffessional like..but it's too hard..i can't even get past level 1..
Posted by Kris 3rd November, 2004

Rhys, you never used to swear that much {ponder}
Posted by Hamish M 4th November, 2004

This game sucks and jay is a fag
Posted by Satansboss 6th December, 2004

game suks
Posted by en kerro 27th December, 2005

annoying movement
Posted by Ski 22nd March, 2007

WOW, some people are nasty little pieces of work.
Posted by Codemonkey 6th August, 2008

Heh, matt gayles.
Posted by W3R3W00F 17th February, 2009

Calling Jay a fag is like calling a cinder brick a pillow. You'll know what a fag is when you see one, and Jay ISN'T one.






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