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Review: Titan Omega Revelations
Author: Pete Nattress
Added: 17/05/2004

The first word that will come into your mind when you load this game up is “wow”. Everything, from the launcher app, through the introductory cutscenes to the main menu, is extremely polished and extremely impressive. Sparks fly when you select menu options and pulses of light zoom along under the buttons. Hell, I could spend a few minutes just sitting and looking at the menu. This is how every game, klik or pro, should look when you load it up.

But clearly you won’t be downloading this game because of the pretty menu, because you’ll have seen the screenshots and can’t wait to get your teeth into the action. So off we go, the game starts, and up pop some absolutely outstanding graphics. These graphics, ladies and gentlemen, are some of the best I’ve ever seen in a klik game. Obviously it would be naïve to compare them to those of The Spirit Engine, Super Ken Senshi or Eternal Daughter, because they’re all of different styles. Suffice to say that they’re good.

But does that count for anything? Well, yeah, it does, but I’ve always maintained that graphics are nothing without fun gameplay to back them up. And gameplay is where this game fowls up, tragically, drastically and irreparably. To put it simply, it just plain ain’t fun. It’s tragic because, with a bit more leniency, it would be fun, but as is, the game is too slow, too difficult and too banal to be anything more than some extremely tasty eye candy.

The problems are too many to list, but there are several major ones. For example, getting hit once kills you, which just makes for very large amounts of frustration and could so easily be remedied with a health bar. The enemies are too tough, meaning that trying to tackle any more than three or four at a time results in some nasty first-degree burns… for you. The AI of your wingmates is appalling – they’re nothing more than kamikaze pilots, and will become cannon fodder before the level’s even half way through. Your plane flies too slowly as well, so dodging your impending death is just as difficult as confronting it.

The readme maintains that buying upgrades will help you through, but to be honest, I spent a good 30 minutes playing this game, and the upgrades available made little difference, and it is so hard - nay, boring - to gain the requisite amount of points. By the end of this time, I was still stuck on the first level and had quite frankly lost all resolve. A game should be easy to get into; making the “progress curve” so shallow is a poor design choice and here it makes the game fail.

TOR is an amazing technical accomplishment, mixing graphics and music to create a Technicolor audio-visual masterpiece, but there is a gaping void where the gameplay should be that makes all the obvious hard work that’s gone into the presentation seem a waste. It’s just one more of the many true tragedies of klik. 6/10.

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