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Laser Frenzy
Author: KNPMASTER Submitted: 11th January, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 511

Edited By Rikus on 3/22/2005

Edited By Rikus on 3/22/2005

Edited By KNPMASTER on 1/12/2004

This is a really, really hard puzzle game. Using laser guns, mirrors, and bombs, you must hit the target twice in each level. 18 hard as nails levels will keep you busy for hours. This game will really get your mind pumping.

The game automatically saves your progress so you can continue later if you get too frustrated.

**I added bass.dll to the zip for those of you who have problems.

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Posted by istvan 12th January, 2004

Looks interesting, ill be sure to download next time
Posted by pixelscope 12th January, 2004

let's see. We've all seen it before.
Posted by istvan 12th January, 2004

what do you mean Erik?
Posted by gonefornow 12th January, 2004

Its unique, thats worth something.
Posted by Wormware 12th January, 2004

What a surprice!
Posted by Monkey Soft 12th January, 2004

You forgot bass.dll...
Posted by haloboycs 12th January, 2004

and dmc2.cox
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 12th January, 2004

this game aint very uniqe;) just look at this if you dont belive me:
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 12th January, 2004

yep, seen it
Posted by Lew 12th January, 2004

What percentage of the games submitted to the TDC are unique? Does it matter? Was eternal daughter, entrance gate etc unique? You're right about the frustrating part, it's damn hard.
Posted by KNPMASTER 12th January, 2004

Just to let you all know, in now was do my smaller projects take away from bigger projects such as Super Speed Ball. I just need a break from SSB every once in a while.
Posted by Dr. James MD 12th January, 2004

reminds me of Tank Attack on the Amiga ;) but puzzely instead of arcadey
Posted by Cazra 12th January, 2004

what's bass.dll? Why does does he have to not forget it?
Posted by Cazra 12th January, 2004

what do I have to do to make it stop saying "Cannot load dmc2.cox object. This object might need an external or library not yet installed"?
Posted by Cazra 12th January, 2004

nevermind I figured it out. (for those who can't, search for bass.dll on the internet and put in the folder with Laser Frenzy) This game is extrememly hard.
Posted by Tigerworks 12th January, 2004

Not bad, fairly challenging but I got up to level 11 the first time I played it. :D
Posted by Strife 12th January, 2004

Oy, you must be a real brainiac, Tigerworks. I haven't downloaded it yet, but I once saw a game that was almost IDENTICAL to this one on a CD called "Over 1000 Games". The game was made in '92, and featured a bunch of wierd objects like brick walls and slime pools. But this looks good too. Downloading now...
Posted by KNPMASTER 12th January, 2004

For those of you who know or don't it doesn't matter, but I do have this game on my TI83+ Calc, and I liked it so much I decided to make it, in as short a time as I can, so that all could play it, and I did include the game in the credits. I never knew they allready had it for the comp. I did make some of my own, very hard, levels for those who can get to them enjoy.
Posted by KNPMASTER 12th January, 2004 One other thing, for those of you who dont have bass.dll and are getting those errors, goto this link and download the runtime files and add them to c:\windows\system\ I have uploaded a new .zip with bass.dll as well.
Posted by MasterRaichu 12th January, 2004

3 Days. Man, what a speeder.
Posted by Max 12th January, 2004

Pretty fine game. It's really hard, too. I'm currently stuck at Level 13. I'll try having a review up whenever I'll have beated the game.
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 13th January, 2004

where can i get the ti83+ version?
Posted by Monkey Soft 13th January, 2004

Level 17. It's a fun and well made game. Now I'll try to beat the last two...
Posted by 13th January, 2004

Very fun puzzle game! Good work!
Posted by citizen[Ac] 13th January, 2004

great game...reminds me of puzzpower. good job!
Posted by Joshtek 13th January, 2004

There are quite a few Laser games, mostly Flash, but some Click. But I don't mind playing another, because they usually have different levels and different objects and such.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 13th January, 2004

I had a laser game called Defektor on the Commodore 64 ages ago which was pretty much seems the same as this. So I'm gonna download this cos I loved Deflektor.
Posted by Wormware 13th January, 2004

Level 20! I know (not really) because after level 18 the levels become the same.. Or will there be a secret at level 500? :p
Posted by pixelscope 14th January, 2004

that's what I meant. it's in NO WAY "unique". it's somewhat of a remake.
Posted by BullDozer 14th January, 2004

Entrance gate was defintely not unique, and still overhyped. If its not original (fan games or clones), it better have some cool new features and stuff.
Posted by Wormware 14th January, 2004

BUt I meant, there are 18 levels and when you've beat them all, you can play level 18 again but than it is level 19 (the same one)...
Posted by Acutus Caminus 14th January, 2004

Some of the puzzles in this seem hard, but then you do something and it looks so obvious. I got up to level 15 after downloading it. There should be more puzzly games like this. The puzzles do eat time though and that's good (if you're not supposed to be doing your homework.) It seems as though everyone here cares only about its uniqueness. Hey, it's still qualified as a game.
Posted by istvan 16th January, 2004

this is one of the funnest game of downloaded from the DC in a while, and Im not even a fan of puzzle games.
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 16th January, 2004

OMG KNPMASTER follows his style to produce amazing games! This is not any exception! COOL, keep up the g00d work!
Posted by Pixalatio 17th January, 2004

who cares about unique? if its fun its good by me. got to level 16 on my first play :P could you make a level editor? Very good game :D:D:D
Posted by Monkey Soft 17th January, 2004

I'm stuck in level 17... damn game... XD
Posted by TH333 17th January, 2004

Fun game! I don't think it's too hard, though I only just started.
Posted by JoŽl 18th January, 2004

Very fun ! and Very hard ! Very all !
Posted by Fireball1234 19th January, 2004

YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! I finally beat it
Posted by Jon Chambers 22nd January, 2004

Dude, this game aint original??? I voted for it and everything! When you see the final game of the week polls, minus one for this, and add one to blue dragon.
Posted by M@ Alexander 29th March, 2004

I have this for my TI 83+ too,I believe it's based on an old Atari game. . . even the levels are the same, nice work though.
Posted by M@ Alexander 29th March, 2004

wait, this isn't the KNPMaster that use to say on AOL forums that he invented scrolling in KNP? That guy was full of himself. . . . Click Team had that info along time ago....
Posted by GoMoogles 25th July, 2004

Wee! I got to level 2!
Posted by Bricnic 23rd March, 2005

Whoa, major time difference in posts phizzy- chances are he won't be reading this...
Posted by X_Sheep 27th November, 2005

I don't think you'll be reading this either, but KNP's real name is Gary.






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