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Super Bubble Blob
Author: KNPMASTER Submitted: 3rd February, 2003 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 1645
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You are a Bubble, but not just any bubble. You are a Bubble Blob, which is a bubble with properties that a blob has plus the properties of a bubble, i.e. stretching, bouncing, flexing, sticking, and so forth. However, you aren't just any ordinary Bubble Blob. You, my friend, are a Super Bubble Blob. Being a Super Bubble Blob, it is your task to get through various levels of increasing difficulty. The yellow square is your goal, and the spike balls are the obstacles. Will you be able to do it? Do you have what it takes to be a Super Bubble Blob? Only your skills in the game can tell you...

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Posted by Jeff 3rd February, 2003

This is a great game, nice custom movement. Great job! :)
Posted by Spram 3rd February, 2003

This is a really fun game, the controls are tight, and you'll need them because It's pretty difficult (look at the second screenshot.. that level is HELL!). And you also get to save and revisit old levels so it's not frustrating, the graphics are good but very small, but that's the only problem I could find but unless you have bad eyesight then it's just a nitpick.
Posted by vortex2 3rd February, 2003

this game is very cool :).
Posted by Jeff 3rd February, 2003

ahh how do you pass level 4!?
Posted by zork25 3rd February, 2003

This rocks! Great job!
Posted by CYS 3rd February, 2003

level 20 now.. Very FUN!
Posted by The Chris Street 4th February, 2003

Its not bad. I certainly wouldnt call it a classic though. It often revolves around luck, and many invisible platforms. Over-rated, in my opinion. Although the engine is brilliant :)
Posted by matrixkitty 4th February, 2003

Posted by SoftWarewolf 4th February, 2003

this is excellent!! =) briliant ideas! awesome movement!! im curently stuck on level 14 with that sling thingy :P
Posted by John 4th February, 2003

Very good, cool (But hard) levels...
Posted by bigdave 4th February, 2003

i once made a game called "super bubble popper", its shite and nothing like this game but the name is similar.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 4th February, 2003

im on level 23 now :P
Posted by Silveraura 4th February, 2003

A Mr. Cassata Review is rewarded.
Posted by :JULI@N: 4th February, 2003

this game rocks, seriously
Posted by RapidFlash 4th February, 2003

This game ROCKS! Klik classic all the way.
Posted by nawitus 4th February, 2003

Very good game.I like the animation and level desing very much.Only minus is the background music, it never changes and gets boring very fast. Anyway i am at lvl 10 and it looks impossible!
Posted by Rio 4th February, 2003

I love the game so far but i cant for the life of me get past level 4. I'v tried 20 times now and spent so long trying to get past it i descovered another way ovf jumping that allows you to jump higher than usual and stuff but thats not the point! It there a way to skip this level. I think my coputer is to slow to allow him to travel far enough to continue!
Posted by Soul Keeper 5th February, 2003

Great game! Very fun, but hard...I'm stuck on lvl 10 as well! Anyone know a way to pass it?
Posted by CYS 5th February, 2003

Rio...level 4 is very easy... i'll teach you step by step... 1. Walk onto the orange spring in front of you. 2. Using that spring, jump onto the next orange spring 3. Do the same thing to get to the next orange spring. 4. Jump on the red spring (that is facing right) and press right while you're in the air. 5. you should land on the platform with 2 springs. Jump over the 2 springs but don't touch the line. 6. Walk across the line until you see a red spring at the bottom. 7. Jump and you should land on the red spring. 8. Try to get on the platform with 2 orange spring at the bottom. 9. Jump to the platform at the right. 10. Touch the orange spring and get to the yellow box.
Posted by CYS 5th February, 2003

Soul keeper and nawitus, level 10 is easy... you have to try your luck though. The only thing i can tell you is that there are invisible platform placed.
Posted by CYS 5th February, 2003

!!!what happened!!! i played until level 31...but an error occurs and now i'm only at level 19...and when i go level 19, it says : COMPLETED!!!
Posted by Jeff 5th February, 2003

CYS... I do that thingy with the red spring, but it won't make it all the way :(
Posted by KNPMASTER 5th February, 2003

Your computer must be too slow, sorry Jeff.
Posted by Rio 5th February, 2003

thanks cys but thats not the problem. I already knew how to do it. It just wont let me. He dosent go far enough to land on the platform after bouncing off the first red spring.
Posted by Rio 5th February, 2003

this happened to me with another game. I forget its name but the same thing happened. On the very first level the guy could jump over the first short gap but the second one he jouldent make it ever. just a slow computer. i guess
Posted by Villy 6th February, 2003

This game nedd codes.... arge 100trys on pogo the spike balls.......... ahhh codes
Posted by CYS 6th February, 2003

heh pogo is pretty easy actually... just hold key "down" and move a bit after it bouces everytime.
Posted by The Chris Street 7th February, 2003

Im stuck on Stage 17, where you have to fall from a great height and bounce into that recess where the 2 spiked balls are annoyingly positioned to make your life as hard as possible. Stupidly difficult.
Posted by JohnsProgram 8th February, 2003

I'm at level 38 and on my 202nd try. I'm tell you, it super hard!! ><
Posted by JohnsProgram 8th February, 2003

BTW, good game :)
Posted by Spram 12th February, 2003

I'm stuck on "inverted Pogo" (or something) and I cant beat it. Insanely difficult. Where's Gunner 4? hee hee.
Posted by Spram 12th February, 2003

I beated inverted pogo now I'm stuck on "every jump is crucial". I loved "Is there an easier way" (or something like it)
Posted by Null 12th February, 2003

Awesome game, dude. Really like it alot. Up to level 23.
Posted by Weston L 17th February, 2003

Really cool game with great art and physics, but where's the uninstall?
Posted by Andreas Blixt 20th February, 2003

Woohoo! I beat the tutorial level!!
Posted by Cazra 22nd February, 2003

It's not downloading right. I tried downloading it a first time and it stopped downloading in the middle. Now it won't download the game at all.
Posted by Keatonian 23rd February, 2003

This looks like fun, I cant wait to play.
Posted by This Guy 25th April, 2003

Sounds like it's really hard but I'll download it because it's made by KNPMASTER so it must be good!
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 5th June, 2003

This game rules!!! I just beat all 40 levels and I have Coin Challenge Mode now! FUN!
Posted by Pequir 14th December, 2003

The coin cahllenge wont work for me i click on it and then a new list appears and nothing is on it what do i do?
Posted by Cazra 13th February, 2004

Very addicting game! It took a lot of force get myself away from thye game in coin mode.
Posted by Wormware 23rd February, 2004

the game was very nice, I'm still waiting for the level editor which was promised a while ago, It would even had some bugs fixed.. Well, never mind SSB will b e next game I'll be waiting for. Hurdler is also really good what about more levels??? And lezer frenzy, some people would think of it as a waisted time of programming, I DON'T! I'd love some more levels of that game! I just think you can easy please people byjust adding some expantion packs to the games you've already made. See what you dop to this Info! And keep up the good work! (gunner 4 would be nice!! :))
Posted by OldSkoolGamer 18th March, 2004

Wow. Great work. Clean, simple graphics. Smooth animation. Creative level design, which is, of course critical to keep people playing thru so many levels. Great menu system. A few more background songs would be nice. but overall I would give this game an 8 of 10 worthy of Shareware sales or perhaps bundled in a collection of games CD. As a click/arcade game I would give it a 9.5 out of 10. Again, great work. -OldSkoolGamer
Posted by Eric P 25th September, 2004

Just now getting around to playing this one, and all I can say is - it's awesome!
Posted by John Keyes 26th January, 2005

Does Anyone Post Here Still Cos If Yes How Do U Get Past The POGO The Spikes Level, all i can think of is jumping to the left wall and wall bouncing to the top then going back down and attempt to leap the spikes with the bounce from the wall jumping thing but it dun work for me
Posted by X_Sheep 6th April, 2005

Check the forums of the creator's website at if you want solutions to any level.
Posted by sententia 18th October, 2008
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Ahhh I remember this game. One of my favorite click games of all time. Addicting, original, fun, etc.






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