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Author: KNPMASTER Submitted: 17th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 451

Edited By KNPMASTER on 11/19/2003

An interesting skill-buster, Hurdler is a combined effort of KNPMASTER's excellent programming and MasterRaichu's artistic abilities. You play as a stick figure who has to jump over, or "hurdle" various obstacles to get to the balloon at the end of each stage. This game also allows you to upload your best score to an online TGP scoreboard, that will allow you to compete with others. Download this game to see what you're made of!

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Posted by Kirby Smith 19th November, 2003

Wow. THIS game right here PROVES that gameplay owns over graphics. Addictive as hell. How many levels are there?
Posted by jinxed1million 19th November, 2003

I wish MasterRaichu had spent more time on the graphics. KNPMASTER could have done better. dling...
Posted by Weston L 19th November, 2003

Awesome game. Am I not supposed to see the right side of the screen? Because I keep kitting something I can't see over on the right side.
Posted by Killerjedi 19th November, 2003

You have to catch the balloon. If you hit the right side, you die.
Posted by KNPMASTER 19th November, 2003

make sure that your screen X res is 1024 or greater, this will be fixed in a later patch. And I'm glad everyone likes the game :)
Posted by Weston L 19th November, 2003

Oh allright, but since I'm on a laptop the higher resolutions just make the screen bigger but it doesn't make the stuff on the screen smaller... do you kind of know what I mean? I guess I'll just wait for the patch :^D
Posted by KeyrenZero 20th November, 2003

Grand game. I dont know what your talking about Kirby, the graphics were good. A very addicting game indeed.
Posted by CYS 20th November, 2003

Graphics were great except that stickman, its animation is really wonderful though. :D
Posted by ShadowCaster 20th November, 2003

Wow, that is one of the coolest games I've played in a while. It's very original and a lot of fun to play. If you havent downloaded it yet I seriously recommend you try it out.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th November, 2003

Its very annoying. The game needs to scroll or something, because I can never see the end of the level, and there are hurdles off-screen which make me lose lives.
Posted by ShadowCaster 20th November, 2003

Seriously man, change the stick figure to santa and change the balloons to presents and send it into the Christmas competition :D Thumbs up from me.
Posted by ShadowCaster 20th November, 2003

Circy: Move out of the dark ages... no one uses 800x600 resolutions anymore ;)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 20th November, 2003

this game is great! :) offcourse gameplay is 3x more important than graphic.. but this dont prove that.. the graphics are too good ;)
Posted by Wormware 20th November, 2003

Site and topscore are down at the moment.. But hte game is really cooL! I love it.. too bad i couldn't add my last score the last time i played it.. :( but keep up the good work! Like always ;)
Posted by CYS 20th November, 2003

I couldn't believe i've been playing this for several hours now... O_O Finally got into top 50 :D
Posted by Wormware 20th November, 2003

Is the site back online??
Posted by SoftWarewolf 20th November, 2003

now il be getting you out of it CYS ;) this game should have a level editor btw.. what is that green thing that keeps killing me?
Posted by Killerjedi 20th November, 2003

It's some kind of devil. If you avoid it you get 1000 points... personally, I hate the little bugger, because it kills me. Luckily its appearance is random.
Posted by Lew 20th November, 2003

Veery nice! However I wish it had some sort of resume or something-resume, but no submit to high scores, because it's kinda fustrating having to go through all the levels, particularly if you spent ages getting through one of them.
Posted by Weston L 20th November, 2003

Shadow, that means my laptop is in the dark ages, if I make the resolution any larger than 800 x 600 it will become strangely larger than my monitor, where I have to move my mouse over to the side if I want to look at something on that side! Waiting for patch *stares at watch* :-)
Posted by Rhys D 20th November, 2003

IS IT THAT HARD TO CHANGE YOUR RESOLUTION TO 1024*768!!!!!!!$%*(^@#%@#(%
Posted by RapidFlash 20th November, 2003

A great game, one of the top 5 of the year in my opinion.
Posted by CYS 21st November, 2003

I love and hate that green thing that fly past. Love because it gives me 1000 points, hate because it kills me. Anyway, anyone noticed that the trees and the doorknob of houses give you hints on when to jump? I always use them!
Posted by Assault Andy 21st November, 2003

Completly amazing, great learning curve, great level design, great everything!
Posted by Astral_86 21st November, 2003

This game is awesome!! :D Why so many thumbs down??? :( congratulations on a great game ! :D Thx for me...bye!
Posted by CYS 21st November, 2003

Some just look at the screenies, think that it's just a poor stickman game and votes thumbs down without even playing it.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 21st November, 2003

My laptop is totally incapable of displaying anything above 800x600... is that patch coming soon? It's probably time for me to get a new computer.
Posted by Weston L 21st November, 2003

me too
Posted by istvan 21st November, 2003

the url doesnt work for me, and i cant see any screenshots:(
Posted by Toad 22nd November, 2003

me too, i can't dowload the game and see the screenshots
Posted by Hplkopra 22nd November, 2003

Is the server down or something? I cannot download it.
Posted by Weston L 22nd November, 2003

seems to be. where is that patch??? :^O i'm going crazy!
Posted by Wormware 22nd November, 2003

Yep the whole site is down at the moment.. too bad, I can't upload my score. I allready have the game.. It isn't that great one's you can't upload the score..
Posted by Yikes 23rd November, 2003

This game is actually a little good! When I saw the screenshots, I thought: God, what a lousy game! But then I played it, and it turned ut to be a little cool! Good job!
Posted by Moren 23rd November, 2003

i cant download it =(
Posted by renneF 24th November, 2003

me neither :(
Posted by renneF 24th November, 2003

me neither :(
Posted by eX Com 24th November, 2003

nor can i
Posted by simon schweizer 24th November, 2003

i cant download it too
Posted by Lew 24th November, 2003

Don't read the comments then...There are about 5 comments saying that the site is down.
Posted by KNPMASTER 24th November, 2003

The Games Page is back up, so now you can once again download Hurdler.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 25th November, 2003

Posted by Wormware 26th November, 2003

Another? Did you finish the whole previous game? Never mind.. But let’s get to the business… I want to talk about people who think it's fun to f*ck with the scoreboard. I see some people who think they’re so funny own the board. Adding scores like 9999999999 or other scores, only because they fail to make their own high scores. Damn those people are so low. I would see their faces when they've made their own little online game with a score board the is owned by other people.. Wait. Those su*kers can't create games else they would have respect for Master Raichu and KNPMASTER! So thanks people keep f*cking with the scoreboard :( That’s all.. Great game, good graphics and funny score board! creators, keep up the good work! :)
Posted by THQ 26th November, 2003

man, it's hard to describe how much this game rocks, but i can't fit it all without flooding. Great job, both of ya's. And i knew that this was inspired by City Jumper... Also, I wish those screenshots on TDC front page had been a bit higher quality, otherwise i would have d/led this sooner.
Posted by KNPMASTER 27th November, 2003

Thats Circy's fault, his ancient computer counldnt Handle Hurdler's Power and the screens look all nasty and smudged. Hurdler 1.5 is coming along, with the Resolution Fixs that some have requested, a few more levels, and of course the fixed highscoreboard that not only prevents hackers, but also sends mad vicious dogs to their houses to bit off their fingers. I'd say once the new highscoreboard is up, Hurdler 1.5 is as good as released.
Posted by istvan 27th November, 2003

great cos playing the game when you cant see half the playfeild is not alot of fun. surprisingly the game is so good i still played for about 10 levels, even tho i hadto guess what i was jumping over. Anyway, ill give the game a real rating as soon as ive played the patch version
Posted by Beppo 28th November, 2003

Really good idea and really fun game!! It gives some problems with 800x600. Maybe a better drawn jumper will be a good thing... It is only a line!!... :D
Posted by mr656341 14th February, 2004

start making good games using knp, KNP"master" any game made not using knp is a lazy-people game
Posted by deano151991 27th April, 2004

downloading looks good, as for all the comments i think its going to be a great game !!!!!!!!!! 0123456789
Posted by Eric P 26th September, 2004

Finally got around to playing this, and I am impressed. First of all, I like the use of the long, small screen. The stick figure is great, and the rest of the graphics are really well done too. One of the most original games I've played in quite some time.





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