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Author: KNPMASTER Submitted: 6th January, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 292
182nd Place     (3.5 / 5)

You are CC-150, a droid on a mission to save the city from certain destruction. Collect power-ups and weapon upgrades to lengthen your survival, but beware the enemy droids, as it is their mission to stop you from protecting the city. Destroy your enemies and locate top-secret weapon power-ups for a bigger boost of firepower. Now go CC-150 and save the city!

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Posted by Tim 6th January, 2008

THE 'Click Copter'?!

Posted by Mr. Waffle 6th January, 2008
Rated :

Damnit, I was going to release a game this week, hoping to win GOTW for once, but since a good game has been released... lol, no chansey

Will download. Lol, oops i rated it before even playing it x'D
Comment edited by Mozart on 1/6/2008
Posted by -Liam- 6th January, 2008

It's unplayable for me

Just incredibly slow in both regular and large sizes.
Posted by Dr. James MD 6th January, 2008
Rated :

That's a bit fun! Starts off nice and easy but the difficulty picks up. Nice little curve there.

Only beef is the lack of music and the art doesn't look too hot.
Posted by KNPMASTER 6th January, 2008

lack of music? you sure you didn't mute your midi? lol
Posted by Dr. James MD 6th January, 2008
Rated :

Wait?! Midi files are playing okay. oh bugger somethings up on my computer.
Hmm seems to be only click games that aren't playing midi. Wtf.
Comment edited by Dr. James on 1/6/2008
Posted by \/\/olf 6th January, 2008

Very slow for me as well.
Posted by Pixelthief 7th January, 2008
Rated :

It plays quite well, but I'd rather not hold down my right mouse key forever
Posted by viva/volt 7th January, 2008
Rated :

I gave up on level two , quite a nice game though.
Posted by Simon Colmer 7th January, 2008
Rated :

nice game to play - i love the droids!
Posted by Hempuli 7th January, 2008

Can't download, it can't find something.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 7th January, 2008

Uh doesn't work
Posted by Torava 7th January, 2008
Rated :

Awesome game, but it's too easy at the beginning.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 7th January, 2008
Rated :

Great! Loved the Lightsaber!
Posted by thewreck 7th January, 2008

As soon as it says GO i get about 1 fps.. Running in firefox.
Posted by KNPMASTER 7th January, 2008

has to do with scrolling and vitalize 4 i think. nothing i can fix. yell at clickteam.
Posted by Ski 7th January, 2008
Rated :

Great game
Posted by Sphax 8th January, 2008
Rated :

Works well for me with Firefox after I've updated my Vitalize version.
Posted by Ecstazy 9th January, 2008

Hardly moves on my system, tried with the latest Vitalize on both FF and IE.
My computer can't be that bad, right? Athlon 64 3500+ 512MB RAM...
Posted by LIJI 9th January, 2008

1 FPS after Go too.
Firefox 3 Beta.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 9th January, 2008

I died on the 5th level on my first go-through, it's pretty good but all my deaths were related to the weird controls
Posted by erghhhhx 24th January, 2008
Rated :

This is a great game.
Posted by MBK 8th February, 2008
Rated :

Something is wrong with your game -.-

It only moves 1 frame every few moments.

Diver Dan works fine.

So it's your game only.

Something in your game is conflicting with something that's very commonly used by people ... look at your comments.

That should be fixed, or you're gonna lose half your audience.

I rate it a 0. Cause it just won't work right.

FIX IT !!! Growl Snarl Grrrr .. o.o

Posted by Anon Anon 11th April, 2008
Rated :

O.K. I am here to solve a few questions. Here are the answers to the 2 bugs.

1: No Music
Double Click on the volume control icon to get the Advanced Control. Then TURN UP THE SW SYNTH METER! TADA!

Your PC sucks. Or your internet connection. Or you.

*whispers* you smell *
Posted by Va1entine 17th September, 2008
Rated :

Good game!
Posted by Dawnbringer 3rd September, 2010
Rated :

Cool game and no lag. I played it with my sister, she moved the copter around, and I did the shooting, she liked it as well.





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