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Alien Gunner
Author: KNPMASTER Submitted: 25th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 624
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Edited By KNPMASTER on 9/28/2004

Alien Gunner is a mix of some of the best space shooters, such as Asteroids, Invaders, Galaxian, etc... The idea of the game is score as high as you can, shooting enemies, asteroids, and whatever else you can find. These obstacles come in "waves". There are various items to pick up along the way to enhance your abilities. When you're done, send your scores up to the TGP online scoreboard!

There is now a windowed mode, pause(dunno why i took it out), changes in the weapon system, and weapon display.

There is also a separate scoreboard for the new version.

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Posted by 25th September, 2004

... i like the techno music, but thats all i like about this CRAPPY GAME!!!
Posted by 25th September, 2004

JUST KIDDING!!! i love ur game and that stickman game ur making and everything else, great game man, and great job!!! :)
Posted by Lazernaut 25th September, 2004

this game is awesome :)
Posted by X_Sheep 25th September, 2004

Sweet! :)
Posted by Coop 25th September, 2004

wow, great game. I usually don't like those type of shooter games, but that was very good
Posted by Eric P 25th September, 2004

Nice game! The asteriod wave didn't do much for me, but the rest of it was pretty cool. I like the fact that you get to keep your weapons when you die.
Posted by Jack Galilee 26th September, 2004

Posted by Kris 26th September, 2004

best space invaders game ever
Posted by ChrisB 26th September, 2004

It's very good, but those spinny things are the most annoying things ever.
Posted by Silveraura 26th September, 2004

Honistly, this takes retro to the extreme! This game is awesome! Great Lastability.
Posted by ChrisB 26th September, 2004

Rarr! I am top of the high scores :D
Posted by gizmo 26th September, 2004

Very cool. Mega cool music too, very fitting :)
Posted by ChrisB 26th September, 2004

If I review this I'll have to take it down a point as I've needed a pause facility often, and for some strange reason the shortcut was removed. Sort it out!
Posted by Teapot 27th September, 2004

Absolutely awexome!
Posted by KNPMASTER 27th September, 2004

Before anybody adds a review please note that TONIGHT i will be releasing version 1.5, which will have bugfixes, a few minor gameplay changes, and of course, pause for those of you who need it. Also there will be a windowed exe as well as the full screen version. Just to let you know.
Posted by KNPMASTER 28th September, 2004

New Version is out!
Posted by Harvy 28th September, 2004

It appears to be sending results to the old scoreboard. (The game sends you to the old one, and the new one appears to be empty.)
Posted by Harvy 28th September, 2004

I've been trying to review this, but when I click "submit," it returns to my review without an error message (!) As you might expect from the amount of time I've played (I have silver on the 1.0 scoreboard, using my real name), it would be a good review. Everyone get this game.
Posted by ChasetheCheese 28th September, 2004

yay very cool game you made there :) but you might want those invader waves move down like the original does :) Oh and ehr, I dont want to look stupid, but how do you make those pixel death/getting hit effects?
Posted by KNPMASTER 28th September, 2004

The Highscore problems were known, and are now fixed. Please redownload and there should be no more problems. and enjoy
Posted by Harvy 28th September, 2004

Posted by Tomssuli 1st October, 2004

Wow! This is just great... Some adrenaline action... The music and everything... I like it! =)
Posted by Liquixcat 4th October, 2004

install = bad....good game i hear
Posted by tdc052621 6th October, 2004

man this game is addicting, i get stuck on the boomerang enemy part.
Posted by Pepparstruts 8th October, 2004

This is good gamse
Posted by Pepparstruts 8th October, 2004

This is veryfunny game I Laugh GOOD
Posted by DukeMS 27th November, 2004

This is a great game, I continuously play this 1.
Posted by DukeMS 27th November, 2004

just got a strange bonus, what does that mean?! -->
Posted by Va1entine 17th September, 2008

Another install, guess i'll have to give this one a miss
Posted by Va1entine 17th September, 2008

Looks good though!






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