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Review: Super Bubble Blob
Author: Silveraura
Added: 04/02/2003

The basic outline in other words graphics are nice, many anitmation frames, making it nice and smooth and thats what I really look for in a game, don't know about anyone else. Also, real nice custom gameplay, smooth and easy to work. Some animation though like the pop when you get hit cracked me up! Like the save and load option and the music seems perfict for the game.
This game to me seems very pro. made and very well done. Also the number of moves, from sticky walls and walls that zip you up them when you tuch them. The levels are fun though hard. They take alot of good timing & plaining, plus the skill you be able to do it!! The game play to me seems 100% buggless that that would be a 10, no questions asked! Graphics, could use some tiny stuches here & there, though with many animtion frames making it smooth gives it a 9.
Sound & Music matched the game almost perfict, though alot more sounds would be beter so that would be a 7. This game for me is attaching, meaning after I see how to beat a level I will not stop untill I do, and because of the level designs, I could play this game for hours on end & still be have alot of fun meaning a 10 is given. Though it may sound dumb, a 2 player mode would be nice if any newer versions where infact made along with some kinda story to go with the game. You could try adding time untill you lose a try.
From the looks of it the game was made in MMF because on my computer it changes the screen reslution to make the game fit and only mmf 1.5 can do that. So for this game I would give a 9 out of 10.

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