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Fighting Bou? demo
Author: Toad Submitted: 15th February, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 617

Here one of most beautiful and more original play created with TGF: Fighting Bou?. An incredible number of animations, fury, fantastic programming. A hit!

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Posted by Sniper 18th May, 2002

This game is great!
Posted by Isac Sandelin 27th May, 2002

I hate it doesnt work!!!!! die, die i tell you to die!!!
Posted by Lew 13th June, 2002

:D kewl!
Posted by IntrepiD 21st June, 2002

Posted by ACE_Spark 30th June, 2002

Wow. That's N-I-C-E
Posted by Spike! 30th June, 2002

very good very nice :) this game is wicked! :)
Posted by TheCalimero 4th July, 2002

Hi all TheCalimero here, Fighting Boué coder. It's make me pleasure to see all this reviews! Thanks for everything. Isac Sandelin? what is the problem? why can't you play??
Posted by TS Team 13th November, 2002

When will the full game be out? Your a brilliant coder!
Posted by TheCalimero 11th December, 2003

:) Thanks Chris. Toad and me are presently working on differents projects. We are amateur, and the programmation of Fighting Boué is very heavy. There is no technical troubles, we have just let Fighting Boué to one side, and we'll take back when we fell us the lust and the courage :) (hope you'll understand my english)
Posted by Mr G 1st January, 2009
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