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Review: Fighting Bou? demo
Author: Sly
Added: 22/11/2002

How can i start? Fighting Bou is a game which boasts excellent presentation, and can be played time after time. Toad and his partner (team) have certainly demonstrated what a real TGF beat 'em up is when you put your mind to it. But...what makes this such a good game?

The graphics in the game are marvellous. Absolutely stunning. By the looks of it, 90-99% of the graphics are hand drawn, and coloured perfectly. Although the demo only allows two playable characters, it's obvious to see the detail and work which has been poured into them. The 3 playable zones are also great, in which you can fight in the street, the woods or a shopping mall. All the graphics are well animated. I was especially impressed with the introduction, and the 'character select' screen, which is excellent.

The game is extremely playable, with air manuevers and special attacks, however, as it's only a demo it does get boring after while fighting the same two characters over and over. The reply value doesn't tally very well i'm afraid, but it's certainly something which you can play when you're bored. Not only that, but i didn't encounter any serious bugs in the game, despite some other mentions in other reviews.

Sound. The sound in the game is pretty good. I'm guessing the MCI object was used to play the midi's, since they were stored externally. The sounds played when a kick or punch is landed fits the game well, and gives the impression of 'UMPH', 'SMASH' or 'WALLOP!'.

The downside? Well, there's only two playable characters so far. Aside from that, there is only 2 ground attacks, kick and punch. Don't get me wrong, you can kick and punch wilst in mid-air, and when crouching...but in comparison to the amount of attacks in Street Fighter, Tekken or Streets of Rage, the game has a long way to go.

Overall? I'd give this game a 8 or 9. It's fun to play, but you get bored of it after a while...and the replay value isn't great. The graphics ofcourse are off the scale, so i'd definately recommend downloading, and playing this game. =D


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