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Review: Fighting Bou? demo
Author: [HTS]HetH
Added: 16/02/2002

As I am very much into fighting games, this demo caught my attention immediately. After downloading the game, I was totally amazed of the graphics! You seldomly see such cool and fluently animated characters in a click game like in this one. The game runs in 640x480 and the characters are more than half the screen big, the backgrounds are colorful and animated, one of them is even moving with multilayer scrolling! Thinking that the game has been made "only" with TGF, I was totally impressed of the fighting engine itself, there are special moves, a nice gravity engine and even combos as it seems. The Sound Effects fit the game well, although many of them are already known as they are taken from the libraries. The only low down of this game are some very serious bugs in the engine I encountered. Some of them make the game stop, as the characters cannot move anymore. If these bugs are fixed in the full version, this game is going to rule the fighting genre!


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