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Review: Fighting Bou? demo
Author: Max
Added: 20/02/2002


Excellent graphics backed up by even more stunning animation make things promising from the start. The music in s3m, xm and mp3 form is also excellent and fits the game well. Long live Necros! (and every other tracker which contributed to the game music)


I tought that kilk fighting engines would never bring anything you could see in any well known-fighter game like the good ol' Street Figher II or Mortal Kombat, but this game proved me wrong. The engine is pretty well made and includes blocking, dashing, jumping and launching special attacks at your enemy! The AI is generally well made, as your computer-control opponent reacts to your actions. He'll block your attacks, back off your attacks and come back at you if you hesitate or get away from him. However, the AI could be tougher to beat. Plus there's not many different gameplay modes on the demo, and only 2 characters.


Once you have exhausted the demo limited options, you won't likely play the game again. Unless of course you really want to play the game badly before the full version comes out. I forgive you if you do so, even I can hardly wait for the full game to come out


I remember how impressed I were when I first played the game Dark Bou? from the same creators who made this game, but this game of the serie managed to impress me even more. Great graphics, great music, great fighting locations and even more makes a game which I can't wait to see at it's full potential. The game may be in French, but I can read it, so I'm all right with this

Download this game, period.


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