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Review: Fighting Bou? demo
Author: X-Member58
Added: 08/06/2002

Fighting Boue is a street-fighter kind of fighting game - and that already makes it very cool, since it's problably the first klik fighter ever. As a big fan of fighting games, you know, I just had to play it.
When I saw the "Boue" at the title,I felt a little disappointed. I tought it was problably another game with big sprites and many bugs (just like the previous "Boue" games). Turns out,it wasn't. I just have to say that this game is just much better than what I expected! This is problably the best klik fighting engine ever!!! That doesn't mean it's perfect, but anyway... Ok, I'm just not good at this. Let's jump to the "real" review part.
GRAPHICS: The backgrounds are wonderful. The character sprites...Ok, I have to admit that I don't like this guy's drawing style.That means I didn't like the characters AT ALL, even tough they were really well animated.
SOUNDerfect. Very cool voices and SFX from KOF, and the midis also fit the game. There are also some cool KOF and DBZ mp3, but they actually make the game file bigger than it should really be with midis instead.
GAMEPLAY:Hmmm...I think it's kinda stupid to press Ctrl+Shift to perform special attacks.Why couldn't this game have REAL fighting commands,like Down,Right+Punch, or Down,Up+Kick? I also don't like the idea of having "supers" and not standard special attacks.Despite those, gameplay is good.
LASTABILITY:This is just a demo.
OVERALLk graphics,excellent sound, good gameplay. Fun game.


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