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Fishhead 3 demo
Author: Hayo Submitted: 11th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: platformer Downloads: 687

Edited By Fishhead on 5/22/2003

Edited By Fishhead on 2/6/2003

Edited By Fishhead on 1/15/2003

a demo version of fishhead 3: the search for a heart of gold.
its just like hooghaar beer, hooghaar xl and fishhead 2.

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Posted by Hayo 11th September, 2002

oops link doesnt seem to work, just go to to download it.
Posted by Oka 12th September, 2002

This is better than hooghaar!
Posted by zork25 12th September, 2002

This game is damn good!
Posted by matrixkitty 12th September, 2002

this is sweeT!!!!
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 12th September, 2002

this is an awesome game!
Posted by max 13th September, 2002

Can't download it... :-(
Posted by Rikus 13th September, 2002

save target as, max
Posted by Jason Orme 13th September, 2002

the game has nice graphics, but the game is WAY to hard. the mines are the hardest thing in it
Posted by HiredGun 13th September, 2002

This game uses the default platform movement. YOU LOSE
Posted by Hayo 13th September, 2002

umm..fishhead 2 has a sucky platform movement, but i solved the most problems in fishhead 3..(the screenshot is fish2)
Posted by Hayo 13th September, 2002

and besides, creating games is not about winning or losing.
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 13th September, 2002

There is nothing wrong with using default platform movement if it suites the game.
Posted by HiredGun 13th September, 2002

No it doesn't. The default platform movement suits no game. YOU CAN STICK TO THE CEILING. AND FLY UP LADDERS. what game suits that? Super Ceiling Stickio Brothers? NO
Posted by JML Games 13th September, 2002

You can fix the cieling sticking without any code, and the ladders with a bit of code, default platform is fine
Posted by Gordon Chen 13th September, 2002

yea.. default engine is the ONLy bad thing about this game. i love ths game its like hooghar beer but better. theres also another left, and accelearte. let go and immediately press jump. u jump right. You have to learn to make ur own platform engine. After that this game is 100% good.
Posted by Mark 14th September, 2002

For God's sake, if you don't like the defualt platform enigne becasue you can stick to walls and cheat etc, THEN DONT STICK TO THE GODDAMN WALLS!
Posted by Flava 14th September, 2002

lol, calm down
Posted by Oka 14th September, 2002

"theres also another left, and accelearte. let go and immediately press jump. u jump right" that happens always in tgf.
Posted by Gordon Chen 14th September, 2002

duh oka. thats why people make their own engines. cuz bugs like this affect the game..imagine u try to jump over a hole, but u dont' want to accelrate tooo much. u do this sequence, u end up jumping right. This bug is really stupid. i think the only thing the creator has to fix is the platform engine. His games are very good for games that do use the platform engine.
Posted by The Chris Street 14th September, 2002

Super Ceiling Stickio Brothers? Haha, that would make a cool klik game. Ideal characters are: Glueman and Velcroboy XD
Posted by AndyUK 15th September, 2002

this game looks good anyway my game uses the default movement but there arent many problems when playing it i think you are being picky
Posted by Hayo 15th September, 2002

i know how to make a custom platform movement, but i wanted fishhead 3 to have the same gameplay as fishhead 2, so i used the default platform movement.
Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 16th September, 2002

This is a fantastic game!!! Really good! It reminds me of a game I played two years ago, it was so fanatstic! My wife also said it was good.
Posted by Jenswa 16th September, 2002

So fish, got the same "problems" like me i gues, after reading these comments. :) ;)
Posted by Hayo 17th September, 2002

yeah, next time ill try to make an awesome custom platform movement.. (btw i think that jp baan is a lunatic)
Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 17th September, 2002

Oh no, I am not a lunatic! It was Plato who said, that the one who calls someone a lunatic, is a lunatic himself! Or was that Picasso? Anyway, both are my heroes. I 'll try to find it out on the Internet...
Posted by Oka 19th September, 2002

duh gordon. I mean that happens with the games factorys default platform movement. Not that I would use it anymore.
Posted by Matt Boothman 26th September, 2002

Posted by Matt Boothman 26th September, 2002

Sorry, I have been struck down with a case of 'Notreadingtheinfo-itis'
Posted by 16th October, 2002

Scorpion Entertainment is a 13 year old BOY who thinks he knows everything. Well, HE CAN'T READ. But anyways, this a great demo. Keep it up!!!
Posted by Matt Boothman 18th October, 2002

Who the hell said that!!! I'm nearly 14 btw...;-). P.S I can read.
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 22nd November, 2002

stop writing your own reviews, are you crazy?
Posted by Hayo 23rd November, 2002

i am not writing my own reviews
Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 26th November, 2002

Hey Eggy, I am not Fishhead! I am JP Baan. I am a friend of Fishhead and I know him personally, but I am not himself. I WISH I could create Fishhead! LOL!
Posted by Michael 23rd January, 2003

fishead, when is the full version planned to come out by?
Posted by Hayo 6th February, 2003

i am doing the boss now, but i dont have much time for klikkin now..
Posted by skatekid 22nd February, 2003

I beat Fishhead 2 and the 4 levels of Fishhead 3






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