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Fishhead Kart
Author: Hayo Submitted: 16th February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 253
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Edited By Hayo on 8/8/2009

For people who never read descriptions
This game is very old, don't download it, it will bore you.

For people who do read descriptions
This is another old Klik&play game from my pre-n00b days I dug up. Back in the spring of 1999 I seemed to be a huge fan of the "Racing line" KnP example game. I kinda remade that game with Fishhead characters, I think I even used the racing like track gfx as a template for my own.

- 4 tracks
- 2 difficulty modes
- Platonic 2 player mode
- Horrible standard movements, including the path movement.
- Cheering audience
- Music from various games, including streetfighter 2

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Posted by Dr. James MD 16th February, 2007

I think I used to have this on my Celeron laptop, going back a fair few years there.
Posted by Tim 16th February, 2007

I only read the bits in bold - what shall I do?!
Posted by axel 17th February, 2007

Haha, I remember Racing Line. I've still got KNP installed on this comp (the original, not KNP for schools)

Posted by Joshua Green 17th February, 2007

Good game but the AI could use some work. How did you get the lap counter to not count the lap if you are going backwards? I have been wondering how to do that?
Posted by Hayo 17th February, 2007

I think I did that with invisible checkpoints.
Posted by Ski 17th February, 2007

lawl it took me years to figure that out in racing games
Posted by Tomssuli 18th February, 2007

Hehe, it's like you just put different graphics on the racing line game
Posted by viva/volt 20th February, 2007

Man how do you get 1 up on me EVERY TIME I get a single GoTW vote?
Posted by Tim 20th February, 2007

Posted by 20th February, 2007

I liked the raceing, lots of fun, took me a few goes to win the whole game though, not too keen on the Fishhead theme sort of put me off abit! nice game though loved the art work 6 out of 10 because of the art work ( i think Gauntlet runner has the edge for game of the week just because its so addictive) Good job though!!!!
Posted by steve 20th February, 2007

there's been a very strange trend of click games lately that fall into two categories:

1. The "i'm-gonna-try-and-offend-as-many-people-as-I can-game", using immoral/topical content or shock tactics - usually failing as it's all been done before and better.

2. The "my first game I ever made - it's so crap! dont download it!"
why upload it then?

Posted by 21st February, 2007

Thats not fair, the raceing it self is quite fun i enjoyed it, you can really appreiate the idea of how the game was made based on a simple idea! Thanx for the great game!!!
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 24th February, 2007

Although I'm a fishhead-fan, this kart game is bad...
Posted by _Raven_ 24th February, 2007

I didn't like it. Too simple. But it works well, at least that's something.





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