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Dungeon TV Factory
Author: Hayo Submitted: 2nd February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 217
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Edited By Hayo on 8/8/2009

Here's another game by the Peasants, just to prove we are not dead. This game was originally made for the Caiman total pack contest, we won some money with it and then took out some bugs, and here it is.

This is pretty much like Dungeon TV Easter special, only not as pixelesque and not easterlike at all. This time Fishhead and Highhair are trapped in a factory and have to get out of it by collecting packages, packing statues and putting them in trucks. Part of this is done with brooms.

Johan Jansen did all the coding, I did all the gfx and sound effects (it has about 4 samples I think) and Joshua Mononoetoe did the MOD music. The levels were made by Johan and me.

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Posted by LIJI 3rd February, 2007

Nice one.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 3rd February, 2007

Posted by axel 3rd February, 2007

Joshua's cool.

Posted by s-m-r 3rd February, 2007

Wow, I suck at this game. I'm stumped on level 3. I can't figure out what button or combination of buttons releases the blue tiles...Any hints?
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 3rd February, 2007

you think you suck? I can't work out level 1 lol.
Posted by X_Sheep 4th February, 2007

s-m-r: Green guy stands on green button, Red guy stands on red button. At the same time.
Posted by Hempuli 4th February, 2007

Hmmh... I like this game, but...
You need a better background music!
The game becomes very boring because all the noise is annoying plingis, ploings and zapps - and the music isn't very inspiring. Also This is too short (but that's not a big problem).
Posted by Ski 4th February, 2007

Lol, silvernova got Johan Jansen muddled for Johan Hargne, how sweet
Posted by Tim 4th February, 2007

Heyyyyyyyyy!! Everybody - Adam's telling tales!

Anyway I was seeing double ... SIX JOHANS?!
Posted by Hayo 4th February, 2007

wow, we got our thumbsdown quota in only 2 days this time.
Posted by Jenswa 5th February, 2007

Only if you're real drunk you can get SIX JOHANS
Posted by Tim 6th February, 2007

Shows how ignorant I am - I didn't even notice it said:

"Johan Jansen did all the coding" Just that he done the levels at the end... anyway!
Posted by UF Comtec 6th February, 2007

Great game!
Posted by DaVince 9th February, 2007

Wtf, this is suffering thumbs-downity too?
Posted by Hayo 9th February, 2007

Yeah, I was being racist on Total Klik so they all came to thumb us down
Posted by Zethell 15th February, 2007

Racist is bad.
Posted by Hayo 17th March, 2007

Ah, yes.





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