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The return of Fishhead
Author: Hayo Submitted: 23rd May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 414
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Edited By Fishhead on 7/21/2003

Well here is another old Fishhead game: the return of Fishhead. I finished this one in 2000, it was my last game created with klik&play.

The game has around 26 levels in different worlds (greens, snow, swamp, ocean, construction yard, lava, castle, jungle and factory. To end a level you have to find all crystals, and then enter the "zapcell"....and again, watch out for the flowerpot-heads.

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Posted by Alex Scobell 24th May, 2003

Wee first comment! I am downloading now.
Posted by Alex Scobell 24th May, 2003

Downoading is tooooo slow.
Posted by Hayo 25th May, 2003

geocities..cant help it
Posted by Silveraura 26th May, 2003

Link is temp. unavalible.:-(
Posted by Sergio Cornaga 26th May, 2003

God Damn! tooo slow
Posted by Hayo 27th May, 2003

too many people are downloading fishhead games, and they are all on the same stupid geocities server.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 27th May, 2003

Cool! Fishhead! Downloading!
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 27th May, 2003

BUT I CANīT!!!!!!!
Posted by Klikmaster 27th May, 2003

Good game! Pretty decent graphics. Shame the music isn't origional. Its stolen from reversi
Posted by Hayo 27th May, 2003

i didnt kwow much about makin muscic back then
Posted by Blackgaze 27th May, 2003

fishhead must be the best charater on DC, downloading
Posted by Blackgaze 27th May, 2003

link doesn't work Fishhead, your geocities page has run out of file room. build another geocities website and put files on there
Posted by Hayo 27th May, 2003

if i do that it will run out of room too, just come back later.
Posted by Simon Colmer 30th May, 2003

WOW downloading... ;)
Posted by Simon Colmer 30th May, 2003

do u want me to upload it to my server? Its fast!
Posted by Hayo 30th May, 2003

ok :)
Posted by Seb Tittley 30th May, 2003

Love this game !!
Posted by Kris 1st June, 2003

60kb/sec... not slow for me
Posted by christopher 6th June, 2003

Posted by Silveraura 6th June, 2003

60kb/sec! Thats fast for me. My server downloads 10kb/sec if I'm lucky!
Posted by tdc052621 7th June, 2003

The site is not working anymore
Posted by Hayo 7th June, 2003

AAAAAARCH!!! I said it is hosted on GEOCITIES! so dont complain about it, I KNOW IT DOESNT WORK SOMETIMES!!! just try an hour later if it isnt workin'
Posted by Dark One 7th June, 2003

Hey fishhead, I got a problem with ya game, Everything is screwed up it's all like you can't seen anything clearly. It's all garballed up, do you know how to fix this problem? If not that's ok I suppose. Also the other one you uploaded the fishhead and highhair says it needs more power. Just thought I'd tell you the problems I found.
Posted by Hayo 8th June, 2003

what are your system specs?
Posted by Dark One 8th June, 2003

800 MHZ Processor 191.1 MB Ram 64 mb video(doesn't support T&L)
Posted by Dark One 8th June, 2003

800 MHZ Processor 191.1 MB Ram 64 mb video(doesn't support T&L) DirectX 9
Posted by Dark One 11th June, 2003

I think the problem is because no KnP games work on my computer.
Posted by Derek T .Reaves 14th June, 2003

Try loading it into tgf first.Then run it.It always worked for me because for some reason click and play games look friend o_O.Well comments on the game.OMG somebody actually made a decent game on DC after a looooooooooooooooong time(no hard feelings).This game isnt "Tha Stuff",but it aint so bad either.Probably deserves around a 5-6.5.Deserves a 100/10 for actual effort ;-).Saying that it was made in klik n play its great,but the higher programs are a little more popular now,but great ,great for being made in knp.Thanks :).
Posted by Derek T .Reaves 14th June, 2003

I meant fried and also i may write a review i dont know.Im around this site a little bit,but not as much.Been doing other things so later.
Posted by UF Comtec 14th June, 2003

God, crappy.. did this win GOTW? lol
Posted by Derek T .Reaves 14th June, 2003

God crappy name.Did you actually make it up yourself?lol.Haha get a life asshole.
Posted by Dean Potts 15th June, 2003

wow good game, really good consddering it was made in knp .. which i do have a copy of myself other than tgf, anyway hope you do one or two more platform games, this one was really good :)
Posted by eyeangle 15th June, 2003

Yeah, this is a cool game, well done.
Posted by tdc052621 16th June, 2003

downloaded file did not work
Posted by mini_elephant 20th June, 2003

How do you win the parachute stage? He just keeps on going down and down and down.
Posted by Hayo 20th June, 2003

after a long time a bird comes, popping the parachute
Posted by Jenswa 28th June, 2003

wow awesome
Posted by Sergio Cornaga 4th July, 2003

I waited for 40 minutes on the parachute and no bird came. Is this some sort of creul joke, Fishhead?
Posted by Blackgaze 7th July, 2003

same here sergio.
Posted by Hayo 10th July, 2003

thats strange, maybe because its made in knp and a bit buggy
Posted by Sergio Cornaga 16th July, 2003

Makes sense to me.
Posted by Natasja 26th May, 2004

Hello,I want to ask you if there is an another site to download this game. He don't work by me. I can't download this game. And I want to play this game very much!!!
Posted by Hayo 30th June, 2004

changed the link, it should work now :)
Posted by Joshua M. 13th December, 2004

The file is corrupt, I can't do the whole setup... {no}
Posted by Ricky 26th August, 2007

I just downloaded, this is a fun game, even in 2007






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