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48 examples
Author: Tigerworks Submitted: 4th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 610

As celebration of's 50th example going up today, you can download 48 of the 50 examples in this one easy download (the other two were a bit big).

48 high quality examples in one download! You'd be stupid not to download it!

Review This Download (850kb )

Posted by Tigerworks 4th September, 2002

WOOHOO! Finally no longer a rookie!
Posted by Fox (br) 4th September, 2002

:D Very Good :D
Posted by Kevin Smets 4th September, 2002

MMF, right?
Posted by Zi-Xiao 4th September, 2002

this is useful 8)
Posted by Hellscythe 4th September, 2002

i dont have mmf i have tgf
Posted by Buster 4th September, 2002

Whoa 48, Someones been busy!
Posted by The Chris Street 5th September, 2002

jesus christ, Tigerworks...
Posted by The Chris Street 5th September, 2002

bah. All the MMF ones are for mmf 1.5, I can only open the tgf versions
Posted by Tigerworks 5th September, 2002

.gams are all TGF .ccas are all MMF I've been making them over several months, one by one, and decided to pack them all together. Thats all. The MMF 1.5 ones on average are much better but the TGF Scripting Example is probably my favourite of them all.
Posted by Tigerworks 5th September, 2002

.ccas are all MMF 1.5 *
Posted by The Chris Street 5th September, 2002

Basically what I just said :D
Posted by richy486 6th September, 2002

wow just what i was looking for instant bullets, thanks tigerworks
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 29th May, 2003

Nothing special, broken link, and are they the ones in your site?
Posted by Jack Galilee 29th June, 2003

Posted by Maddie 19th January, 2004

blah. This is very nice!!
Posted by zonacas 5th February, 2005

broken link
Posted by KevinHaag 28th March, 2005

fix the link please!
Posted by grandpa 21st April, 2005

The link is doesn't work. Mail me.
Posted by Aptennap 16th October, 2005

noooo, the link doesn't work
Posted by Maciek012 20th April, 2010

reupload please






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