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FTP space
Author: Tigerworks Submitted: 29th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 100

There are lots of FTP clients around... but do they tell you the total usage amount of your FTP area? FTP space will help you find where your space went!

* Browse your FTP directory viewing the total filesize of each directory
* Draws pie charts of space usage
* Detailed table of directory usage showing the biggest directories and percent usage
* Help included

Stop wondering and find out how much FTP space you're using.

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Posted by Willy C 30th May, 2004

this is very usefull, Il download this later
Posted by Pete Nattress 30th May, 2004

hmmm, i was under the impression it could work out how much space i have available (because i don't actually know XD) ah well. this would be better as a feature in an FTP program rather than a standalone program outright. quity nifty though.
Posted by Tigerworks 30th May, 2004

You can't query an FTP server to ask it for how much total space the user is allowed. You have to know yourself (your FTP provider should tell you) and you just put that in to the pie chart window. And I think there are enough FTP file clients around, this is just a little app for finding your space usage :)
Posted by X_Sheep 30th May, 2004

Mmmm, piiie (charts)
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st May, 2004

tigs, you could upload data to it till it refused to take any more ;)
Posted by Willy C 31st May, 2004

I think its smart anyway
Posted by Simon Colmer 31st May, 2004

lol, ye well done tigs - you just keep amazing us! But yeah i think you should waste the users space until it wont have ny space left and then delete the stuff :P
Posted by Tigerworks 31st May, 2004

I don't know if that'd work, different servers probably react in different ways to impose limits. Some might give a server error, but some might just not do anything with the uploaded file. And if, say, you had 1gb of space, would you really want to leave it running so long? :P when you could easily visit/email your provider and they tell you...
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st May, 2004

i was just foolin' mate XD





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