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33 of the best resources off! Includes an amazing ::23:: example files for MMF 1.5 and TGF ranging from using the mouse scroll wheel in MMF 1.5 to a cool level editor for TGF, 8 orginal MIDIs composed by Tigerworks, and 2 small graphics libraries, including the Car Library by Craig of Kliktown ( It's all in one easy to download, relatively small zip file for you to use, royalty free.

Examples are organised into TGF examples and MMF 1.5 examples, and also has a text file containing the details directly off the website (with which extensions are needed for each file).

Enjoy, and don't forget to visit!

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* slaps HerbDX around a bit with a large trout
Posted by commando6729 25th September, 2005

teh link dont work
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noooo teh link doesnt work
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link doesnt work !





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