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Author: Tigerworks Submitted: 27th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 66

Recommended for TGF users!

Easily, automatically and quickly back up all your most important files into a second directory, other hard drive, or even network drive for safety. Automatically backs up on startup with an unintrusive window which closes itself when done, so you can ignore it and rest assured you have an up-to-date backup at all times.

No more complaining about lost or deleted files! This program could even save you from a hard drive crash...

Especially useful for TGF users etc. since TGF has no automatic backup facility. No more excuses for lost game files, because it even works down networks!

Note: No screenshot - just imagine a small grey window saying 'Copying files' and you have the right idea.

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Posted by Jerry Liang 27th December, 2002

hahaha... very good. Very handy. I like it
Posted by Buster 28th December, 2002

Lol, You probably shouldn't use this for large folders... My computer crashed every time it loaded, and it loads on start up, So it was like a big loop. Its pretty handy though, for small files anyway.
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 29th December, 2002

Hey what do ya know windows 95 and higher have that utility to acsess it right-click on your desktop and shoose something like "briefecase" or something like that I only have the swedish version of windows. {tongue}





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