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Super Summer Game pack 2002
Author: SoftWarewolf Submitted: 15th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 238

3 great but Totaly unfinished games iv decided to give out these long before prealpha versions cus they were ment to be this years summer games

Fish:the idea for Fish is taken from a old cool mac game i played once

u start as a litle fish then grow as u eat other smaller Fishes

but u gotta watch out cus its bigger fishes out there...
require 800x600
Trampoline fighterz: its a trampoline fighting game it got all the gravity settings as a real trampoline

the line bends perfectly and u can steal away or take advantage of enemies speed

u can play different modes and the goal is simply to Crush the opponent hard!
require 1024x768

Water Warz: splash!
require 1280x1024

now dont start spamming with bad comments cus well.. these games should not at all be released at this moment
maybe u will see some of them next year or so

but please give me suggestions

check more about fish and trampoline fighters at under the project section


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Posted by Dogzer 16th July, 2002

I agree, trampoline is very interesting. Yet, what the heck is the deal with the other two??
Posted by Georgie 16th July, 2002

I like the FIsh and Trampoline game. The fish game would be better if you could tell what can kill you. I died alot because I didn't know if I was bigger than them or not. The water warz one is buggy. You loos all your water when you touch anypart of the hose. YOu refil anywhere else by hitting shift. I like to see a better fish one.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 16th July, 2002

i tough u would reply like that, as i said they arent realy ready to be pre alpha versions yet trampoline fighters might look like a full game trough.. but its realy full of bugs! and its a hell lotsof of more to come on both trampoline fighters and fish, fish is like.. nothing i dont even have sound or animations there. screw water warz that was sometihng i made for fun in like a hour or so.. and its a summer package like a pack of english winegums u cant only get the good black ones u have to get all the colors





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